NBA Draft: Where will Ivey and Tre end up?

Today begins the NBA Draft Combine’s 6-day trip to Chicago, Illinois. A chance for Scouts to see some of the world’s top stars up close and personal.

For Purdue, Trevion Williams and Jaden Ivey both received an invite. Ivey, who is a lottery lock and Trevion who appeared in most mid to late round 2 mock drafts, could see his stock increase with a strong showing this week.

But, what are some of the best fits for our old boilers? Where are they predicted?

Jaden Ivey – Second year

Position: shooting guard

Measurable: 6-4, 195

Simulated draft high: NBADraft.Net #1 Overall – Houston Rockets

Low simulated draft: – Number 5 Overall – Indiana Pacers

Best Fit: Indiana Pacers

NBA Comparison: Anthony Edwards/Donovan Mitchell/Ja Morant

“Strengths: An aggressive 6’4 200lb explosive combo guard with a solid length (the wingspan would be somewhere in the 6’7-6’9 range) and a solid frame that should allow him to fit well on the perimeter … Very fast-paced, Ivey is a top athlete in the 2022 draft class who runs the floor exceptionally well given his exceptional burst and speed, and has the ability to explosively jump one or two feet to play over the edge with ease… An open-air terror runs, plays with high motor skills and is always looking to attack and pressure the defence; whether filling in lanes for ball outs or handling the ball himself in transition… Attentive to the ball and will slip behind defenders for easy cuts to the edge if his game is slow to react/out of position..Finishes well at the basket even when contested among the trees, has enough power and touch to score by contact…Does good things when the defense is undefined but only needs a half step on his man to smash the paint and get to the edge in the half court with or without a ball screen due to his very quick 1st step and long walk speed…Ivey is comfortable driving and walking gale and in pick and roll situations (especially on the right); rewards Purdue’s big front court players with a high percentage of looks near the edge of the attention he receives while cutting (3.3 apg as Soph.)… A very active and fast defender who plays a strong ball defense at collegiate level, but is equally adept at skipping passing lanes and causing deflections, likes to turn turnovers into points… Has the athleticism to get back into games after being beaten, able to make great chasing blocks… Projects very well to be able to defend anywhere on the perimeter at the NBA level given his physical tools and intensity level, and is among the best defenders in this class to come …Also a willing rebounder (5.2 rpg) who looks to initiate the offense on missed shots. -point shooter (41% 3FG currently as Soph. on 5 attempts per game, down from just 26% last season) who has made defenses pay when they gave him space this season…Ivey has speed and a decent output feel; showed flashes of being able to do shots on the move using screens, but mostly out of rebounding and cueing with his feet set…Has a few long back moves that he sometimes uses for separation to get his shot …Sporadicly uses runners and floaters in the midrange area, two shots that would be worth continuing to develop given his style of play…Became a very tough game at college level with his improved shot, as it doesn’t only adds to the pressure he can put on defense and put his matchups at his mercy for failures when closing on him… Overall scoring efficiency quickly improved (just under 40% FG the last season at 48% on increased volume up to a Soph.) hard-working player who plays to his strengths while taking time to improve his game elsewhere… Has fan-favorite traits, given his energy level and of his athleticism, but will also be t love coaches and teammates with his contagious effort and ground id intangible traits… Reaches the foul line at a decent pace and is an OK FT shooter once he gets there (career 74% over just over 4 FT per game)

Weaknesses: Ivey’s charge energy and style of play can be projected as both a gift and a curse, as he can also ride on being overly aggressive and being out of control. two sides… Plays and looks for steals and will pick up unnecessary fouls or make himself out of position, sometimes washing away plays… High IQ players will no doubt be able to have success using his aggressive approach against him , whether it’s stepping in for charges or baiting him into live ball turnovers by getting man-dirt… Offensively, if his speed doesn’t break down the assist level of defense he sometimes shows questionable patience and shot selection… Can stand to improve by changing the pace he plays more often… Should look to polish his mid-range game, would benefit from adding 1 and 2 dribbling pull shots when chased starred from the 3-point line… Improved passer but not quite a natural playmaker for others (3.3 apg / 2.2 topg); leaves his feet to pass often, which telegraphs and will give defenders time to recover and close passing angles quicker…Has some misdirection in his game, but is mostly an average ball handler who prefers to use his speed and long strides for maneuvering… Gets low lift on his jumper and fires a set piece, which worries him less from the 3-point line given the improvement and range of shots he has shown this season, but that will likely make his floater and runner development more imperative at the NBA level… watchman…

Globally: Ivey arrived at Purdue after being a consensus 4-star HS rookie and built on a freshman season that started relatively slowly but ended impressively once he was plugged into the roster. starting point (over 18 points per game in his last 6 games, including 26 points in his NCAA tournament debut)… He spent the summer playing with the FIBA ​​U19 team, where his explosive athleticism , his energy and shooting ability stood out, and hit the ground running as he was in the middle of a breakout season for a Purdue team that could potentially make a Final 4 run this season out of the Big10… He’s increased his efficiency tremendously since his first season as a long-range shooter and finisher, and he’s been outstanding defensively for a Boilermakers team that’s year-round solid and well-drilled at this end of the field… He’ll need to develop his ability at ch changing his pace off the dribble and picking his spots to more effectively set up defenders at NBA level, as well as tweaking some of his core fundamentals on both sides of the court, but there’s a lot to like, especially if he’s playing for a team that likes to run and tackle teams in transition, and his quick and drastic improvements are hugely encouraging… He’s played his way comfortably into the top half of the draft lottery, and with no prospect or slots set in stone for the first pick, Jaden Ivey’s name is buzzing and he would be doing himself a big favor as a prospect if he continues to play exceptional basketball in March and tests well after the season… Ivey should currently sitting second overall in our mock draft and could ultimately give projected number one pick Jabari Smith the biggest challenge of going first…”

Trevion Williams – Senior

Position: Before

Measurable: 6-10, 245

Simulated draft high: 50th overall, Timberwolves

Low simulated draft: Not drafted

Best Fit: Golden State Warriors, Boston Celtics – Open Fluid Systems for excellent passing game

Tomorrow, we might get an even clearer picture of where these two might land. The annual NBA lottery is tomorrow – it can always shake up where prospects land. Good luck, Tre & JI!

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