The 20 Most Interesting Basketball Courts In The World: The FIBA ​​Court Lets You Ball By The Ocean

To play basketball, you need a court. It’s the simple science of the game. What’s amazing about the world is that there are basketball courts everywhere. Some courts are simple as a ledge supported in the air. Others contain a little more detail.

These courts extend all over the world. These characteristics include uniqueness, color and location. These are the 20 most interesting basketball courts in the world.

20. Court of the Esplanade (Saint-Laurent)

Court of the Esplanade

This court features a unique color scheme with a red finish. The inside of the paint area for post players is painted blue for contrast. The backdrop behind the hoops is a black checkered pattern with white borders. The colors seem to spoil your vision while shooting, but they definitely get points for being unique.

19. Court of Pahang (Malaysia)

Pahang Court

The all-natural courtyard itself might not be flashy, but it’s all about location here. The yard resides near the mountains with trees everywhere. You could get lost playing basketball while mesmerized by the scenery. The terrain itself is very average in appearance, but the fact that it is placed with all the mountains makes it a unique and completely natural attraction.

18. Mamba House (Shanghai)

Mamba House

The name speaks for itself. The court lights up purple and the center icon is a photo of the great Kobe Bryant. The stands are lit with purple neon lights. If you are a Kobe Bryant fan, this is the place for you.

17. Hannah’s Beach Resort (Philippines)

Hannah's Beach Resort (Philippines)

The court resides in a resort in the Philippines and features a tropical design. The red and yellow color scheme makes it stand out. It is also located near the ocean. If you are a beach lover, this is one of the most beautiful combinations of beach basketball courts we have ever seen.

16. Central Market Square (New York)

Central Market Square

The court is located on a roof, but it is indoors, so don’t be afraid to chase after a loose ball. The land is also inside a domed fence. If you love heights and basketball then this is the place to visit.

15. Angel’s Gate Park Basketball Court (Los Angeles)

Angel's Gate Park Basketball Court (Los Angeles)

The basketball hoop is connected to a rock arch that extends from the ground. It is also right next to a wide water channel with just blue water and blue sky in the background. The gray courtyard corresponds to the gray arch.

14. Floating basketball court (India)

Floating basketball court

In India, the floating system sits freely without anchoring on a concrete support. The NBA brought the court to India as the first-ever floating basketball court, located in the Arabian Sea near the Bandra Worli Sealine.

13. Basketball Hall of Fame Court (Massachusetts)

Basketball Hall of Fame Court

The court recently underwent further renovations. This is the location of the Hall of Fame. Some of the best players have passed by and taken pictures here. Given his long history, many customers can say he shot on the same pitch as some of their favorite players.

12. Private all-wood indoor ground (London)

All Wood Everything Private Indoor Court (London)

In some of the older gymnasiums, a wooden court was often used. In this yard, it’s wood. The courtyard, the walls and the roof are all made of wood. In terms of style, it is one of the most interesting courts in the world.

11. Court of the Pink Planks (Mexico)

Court of the Pink Planks (Mexico)

The basketball court is located in the middle of what appears to be a desert. There are mountains and sand around the pitch. Sticking out like a sore thumb are two bright pink colored back panels. When you shoot the ball, you can’t miss the target.

10. Regal Basketball Court (London)

The Regal basketball court (London)

The Black Prince Community Hub in south London underwent a dramatic transformation in 2012. London dedicated an indoor basketball court to inspire elite-level young basketball players to play here. The Regal looks like a professional ground, so when young prospects play here they almost feel famous for doing it.

9. Quai 54 temporary basketball court in front of the Eiffel Tower (Paris)

Provisional Basketball Court Of Quai 54 In Front Of The Eiffel Tower (Paris)

In the heart of Paris, Quai 54 is the ultimate celebration of street basketball. It pits the best teams from around the world against each other. With the Eiffel Tower in the background, it appears like no other.

8. Stone-Encrusted Hoop Court (Guatemala)

Stone-encrusted hoop court (Guatemala)

Instead of having a rolled hoop, the hoop is hoisted into the air by a large stone pillar that also extends out in an “L” shape. It’s old school when it comes to putting a hoop in the air. Nothing special, just an all natural stone look.

7. Carnival cruise ship basketball court (Bahamas)

Carnival cruise ship basketball court (Bahamas)

The Carnival Sunrise is a special type of cruise ship. It offers indoor and outdoor activities. The SportSquare is an open recreation complex that includes a jogging track, foosball table, pool table and a very colorful basketball court. It’s fenced, so no worries about chasing the ball in the ocean.

6. Glow In The Dark Court (Germany)

Glow In The Dark Court (Germany)

The name speaks for itself. The terrain can glow in the dark. Take all the lines of an ordinary pitch and imagine LED lights illuminating the pitch. Playing in the dark is tough, so this court took on a special twist by allowing it to light up. It might still be difficult to see the ball, but it’s still very cool.

5. Eurobasket 2013 Pop Up Court In Postojna Cave (Slovenia)

Eurobasket 2013 Short Pop Up In Postojna Cave (Slovenia)

Postojna Cave is Slovenia’s biggest tourist attraction and the most visited cave in Europe. In 2013, it hosted the EuroBasket 2013 draw ceremony. The organizers placed a court inside the cave and rolled in rims. Imagine playing basketball in a cave. Even the caveman from before the beginning of time never did this.

4. Nike Court on the Thames (London)

Nike Court on the Thames

This is a very professional looking pitch that is obvious at first glance. The big picture is what makes this backyard appealing. He looks just over the Thames. Cooling breeze makes cooling easier. The court itself features unique designs and the hoops are accessible to be moved around by visiting players.

3. Carrier Classic Basketball Court (United States Navy)

The Carrier Classic Basketball Court (United States Navy)

The Carrier Classic is a college basketball game played on the deck of a US Navy aircraft carrier. The ship is large enough to hold almost college basketball school fans. It’s one of the most interesting courses because you have open water, great scenery, basketball and fans screaming and cheering all the way.

2. Pigalle basketball court (France)

Pigalle basketball court (France)

The courtyard is sandwiched in a narrow strip between two apartment buildings. The pitch is covered in gradient colors with bright stripes of purple, yellow and neon pink to give a 90s vibe in an urban environment. He collaborated between Pigalle and NikeLab.

1. FIBA ​​On The Sea Ground (Caribbean)

FIBA Land on the Sea (Caribbean)

This court stands out because it’s not just a basketball court on a cruise ship. It is a full-length legit pitch placed on a support that floats in the middle of the water. It’s like walking on water, but playing basketball.

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