USC and Baylor are the only two undefeated basketball teams remaining

Yes, it’s certainly exciting for USC to be one of only two undefeated teams in college basketball. Of 358 teams, the Trojans and Baylor Bears were the only two teams still standing after Colorado State lost its season opener on Saturday afternoon.

Still, what’s even better than being one of the only two undefeated players remaining in the sport is that USC’s resume got a big boost.

The team that beat Colorado State is San Diego State. The Aztecs hammered Colorado State by 30 points, pulling away for a 79-49 win.

Suddenly, USC’s win over San Diego State looks a whole lot better.

San Diego State has emerged as the team to beat in the Mountain West Conference. Assuming the Aztecs have a great conference season, they should be a great NCAA Tournament team, which makes USC’s win over SDSU that much better on the detailed report the selection committee will review in early March.

USC is playing for a conference championship, but the Trojans are also playing for a high seed in the NCAA Tournament. San Diego State, not only beating Colorado State, but beating the Rams, will move USC up the seed list.

It’s two months from the selection show, but every little bit counts.

Baylor led TCU 60-53 midway through the second half Saturday as of press time. We’ll of course keep you posted on the Bears’ progress. USC and defending national champions Waco are the only major college basketball teams yet to lose this season.

We’ll see how long the bagel will stick around for both teams.

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