3 reasons why Luka Doncic is the best player in the NBA right now

The NBA is a high-level league that brings together the most talented basketball players in the world. One of those players is Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks, who shredded his competition. As Dallas’ lone star, Doncic has been outstanding for the Mavericks.

Selected third overall by the Atlanta Hawks in 2017 before being traded to the Mavs, Doncic entered the league just as untested as everyone else. But he quickly showed promise early on.

Throughout his career, Doncic has developed the skills that allowed him to be heavily recruited so many years ago. Even during his rookie season, Doncic captured the attention of the masses due to his skills on the pitch.

Due to the outstanding growth displayed in his first four years, we would declare Doncic the best player in the NBA right now. As we watch Doncic enter his fifth season, here are some of the reasons why he is the best in the league today.

Doncic achieved something even LeBron James failed to achieve

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Before the Slovenian wonder was drafted into the NBA, he drew comparisons to all-time greats such as Larry Bird, LeBron James and James Harden. Once there, Doncic took the league by storm. It was fitting for him to be compared to these generational players, as his talents are on par with them. Even at 19, Doncic showed he was a great player as a rookie.

Interestingly, he joined a club where even LeBron James is not. The Boy Wonder is only 23 years old and he has already made the All-NBA First Team for the past three seasons. He is the fourth player to make the All-NBA First Team at least three or more times before turning 24. Doncic joined Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant and Max Zaslofsky.

What’s odd is that James started joining All-NBA teams in his second season as the star of the Mavericks. However, James only made it to the second team, which in perspective puts Doncic in elite company for his accomplishment. This season he has continued his rampage and is clocking insane numbers. Most recently against the Brooklyn Nets, Doncic faced Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and posted a 40-point triple-double.

His All-NBA achievement doesn’t mean much to casual fans. But it’s a sign that Doncic is on his way to becoming one of the greatest in basketball history. Right now he’s just getting started, and we can confidently say he’s the face of the league right now. His 2022-23 campaign therefore saw Doncic included in the first team once again, a big reason why he is currently the best player.

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Luka Doncic’s style of play sets him apart from others in the NBA

NBA: Dallas Mavericks vs. Brooklyn Nets
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When Doncic entered the NBA, he was already ahead of his fellow draftees. It helped that he started his professional basketball career at an early age. At just 16, Doncic made his professional debut with Real Madrid basketball club. Playing against seasoned veterans in a premier league shaped him into the player he is today.

During his five seasons in the NBA, he captivated fans every time he stepped on the hardwood. Since the three-time All-Star’s second season, he’s averaged about 28.3 points, 8.8 rebounds and 8.7 assists. These numbers already put Doncic on a different level. However, for the 2022-23 NBA season, he increased his numbers and averaged 34.7 points, 9.0 rebounds and 7.7 assists, and the season has just started.

The former Rookie of the Year is on a different level this season. So far, he’s led Dallas to a 2-2 record, and the team still seems to be finding its footing. He’s also a walking triple-double, making him a threat anywhere on the court. So far, Doncic has had one game with a triple-double, but he’s flirted with more in their first four games.

Doncic also showed his skills on the pitch at FIBA ​​EuroBasket 2022 over the summer. He made it look easy in every game he played and led the Slovenian national team to a sixth-place finish in the tournament. Now that the NBA year has begun, Doncic is simply enjoying the momentum he’s built over the summer.

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Doncic always exceeds expectations

NBA: Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks
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The Mavericks leader has proven time and time again that he can do the unimaginable. Even before reaching the league, Doncic faced critics who shared their skepticism about the All-NBA triple. But none of those critics who said Doncic’s skills wouldn’t translate to the NBA were right.

Critics Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Skip Bayless didn’t think Doncic would translate well to the league. Ironically, the drawbacks they thought would keep Luka from advancing in the NBA became a weapon for the 6-foot-7 guard. Doncic proved them wrong and eventually won Rookie of the Year in 2018.

In subsequent seasons, critics who didn’t pay much attention to Doncic before his NBA dominance ate their words and praised the foreign star. This season would be no different. As critics pick other players as MVP favorites for the season, Doncic slowly takes charge of the association.

The No. 77 will continue his charge in the league as the best player. The Mavericks have a gem and they should waste no time giving him the necessary support. He once led the team to the conference finals with Jalen Brunson as a co-star. Imagine if he has a legit star by his side.

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