Adam Silver finally fixes a glaring problem ruining NBA games and it’s time

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When we first learned of the rule changes coming in the current year where umpires were no longer going to bail out the offensive player for trying foul baiting tactics (which lasted a long time, huh!), J I wrote at the time that the only thing I wish they had addressed was “taking the blame”. It’s easily one of the worst parts of an NBA game. You know what I want as a fan? Fast breaks. I want awesome lobs and dunks. You know what kills that? The wrong grip. It’s horrible and frankly should be punishable by death. I understand why players do it, for them it’s nonsense. Stop the break, stop the easy buckets, and just accept the team foul. But in terms of what it does to the product? It stinks.

Personally, I wish they had gone the FIBA ​​route with this play. They deem this foul “unsportsmanlike” and you get 2 FTA and possession. I guess a good compromise is 1 shot and the ball since it’s already happening in the G League but I’m saying if they really want to eliminate it completely they should take it up a notch. Make it a blatant 1 or a crap. Or give the player a technology. I know there’s no way to pass a vote, but still. I want this crap removed from games completely.

We know Adam Silver cares deeply about how his product is perceived, so it’s nice to see in back-to-back seasons that he makes a legitimate effort to rid the game of non-basketball bullshit. Jumping in defenders, foul is all that has nothing to do with the NBA game. If you screw up and flip the ball, you should have to sprint your ass in defense and prevent a bucket. The catch fault is low. It’s smart considering what the rules currently allow, but it’s a sweet decision. I don’t care who your favorite team is, what I just said is not debatable. I can’t think of a single person who actually thinks the grab foul is good for the game and should continue. Clean that up.

This should certainly surprise no one. With the success of the Play In tournament, it was only a matter of time before we received a tweet from Shams like this. The NBA loves money and they will do whatever they can to get the most out of it. The ratings for the Play In were expected to be excellent, so anyone paying attention knew that some sort of inseason tournament was next. Silver had floated this idea before, and while we don’t have the details yet, I’m conflicted.

For one thing, different doesn’t always mean bad. There may have been some pushback against Play In and it’s clearly working and is now here to stay. I don’t know if I like this idea. I guess it might be cool if there was real value in winning the whole thing, but what could it be? You can’t really have any playoff implications because what if the team that wins the tournament doesn’t make the playoffs. Same thing with any sort of project compensation. What if the winning team isn’t in the lottery or what? Would players really care if the prize was just money? For example, let’s say you are a max player. Would you risk playing extra games that might not count towards the regular season, all for cash prizes? If the league cares so much about load management, is it going to force teams to play all their guys? Are they going to reduce the total number of games just to accommodate this? There are so many questions and unknowns that I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m skeptical.

I can understand that I’m looking for ways to keep casual fans interested in the hot days of the NBA season. I think it’s like me and 5 other people watching every game in January. If you think I’m going to miss DET vs SAC, you’re crazy. But I am seriously disturbed. I am not normal. The NBA has nothing to do with me caring about every game of the season, so it’s not really about attracting fans like me.

It seems Silver is obsessed with following a similar path in football and that’s cool and all, but it takes a lonnnnnnnng time to establish that kind of tradition where people really don’t care. It’s not like 2023-24 is that far away, so I’m interested to hear the details of what that might entail. I’m not ruling out that it might work or even be fun, but my initial instinct is more that they should find ways to reduce the schedule so guys don’t get hurt/teams don’t handle the load and you can reduce the number of B2B rather than find a way to just make more money. I don’t get any of that income, so what do I care.

So kudos to Silver & Co for at least eliminating the fault from our lives. This is the most important thing we got from these Shams bombs. The season tournament will likely be pushed back at first, and then people will learn to live with it, just like we do with anything changing in our lives. Do you remember how crazy you were about Twitter updates? The same applies here.

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