Are college basketball players more talented than their NBA counterparts than in other sports?

How close are the male college basketball players in action this month to their NBA counterparts?

It’s March and the NCAA season is coming to a head with the end of Champions Week this weekend and the start of the NCAA Tournament next week. Many players in action will bring their talents to the NBA next season.

With that in mind, this week’s mailbag examines whether college basketball players are closer to the NBA than college prospects in America’s other two major men’s sports leagues — a question that largely comes down to comparing the college basketball and college football. .

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In addition to the main question, this week’s mailbag also tackles the NBA’s best player who has never gotten a tangible championship ring or award, as well as rules the league could pull off the books without. change the way the game is played.

“Are college basketball players closer in talent to their professional NBA counterparts than college football and baseball players are to NFL and MLB players?”


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