Barack Obama praises altruism in front of Harvard basketball players

Failing to be a major basketball program, Harvard University can pride itself on receiving prestigious guests. Of which without doubt the most prestigious possible, barack obama, guest of an event organized by the establishment of Cambridge. After graduating from law school in 1991, the former US president had the opportunity to address the local basketball team.

This conference was closed to the media, but the Associated Press was able to retrieve a report of what was said there. The big basketball fan, used to practicing especially during his mandates at the White House, said in particular that this sport had taught him ” that it wasn’t just about me. There is something extraordinary about committing to something bigger than yourself. »

Words released to inspire these young men whose future will probably be played elsewhere than in basketball. ” The odds that one of you is LeBron (James) or Steph (Curry), as good as you are, are not as high as the odds of you being extraordinary leaders in health, business, or civil rights. I want you to stay focused on long term winning “, displayed the former leader.

Jeremy Lin is indeed one of the very few players to have completed his basketball course at Harvard, still considered the best university in the world according to the Shanghai ranking, before enjoying a successful NBA career. Other NBA players, such as Kevin Love, Julius Randle or Luc Mbah a Moute, are also graduates.

Good teams have good players, but great teams have good teammates. This is the philosophy we instill in our students and players. And that’s exactly the message the president gave them today “, declared Tommy Amaker, the coach of the team at the origin of these meetings of the “Breakfast Club”. The latter, when he arrived in 2007, had the distinction of being the only colored coach among Harvard’s 32 university teams.

Breakfast Club meetings have in the past welcomed guests from the sports world and beyond, often black leaders who have been pioneers in their field or others connected with social justice.

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