Best NBA players 2022 ranked in top 10 basketball players right now

One of the most recurring topics in basketball discourse is debating who is the best player in the NBA. We’ve typically waited until preseason to rank the best players in the conference, but with the NBA playoffs over, why not jump in now?

From the start of the playoffs with nearly 40 players from Anthony Edwards to Memphis, the common theme of this postseason was the youth revolution in the NBA. With the rise of young stars like Ja Morant, Luka Doncic and Jayson Tatum, the next generation is starting to dethrone some of the stars who have long dominated the league. We saw Tatum first send home Kevin Durant, then we saw home the reigning Finals MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo.

We’ve seen the decline of longtime superstars like James Harden, who we ranked No. 5 this season, and the rise of longtime stars Jimmy Butler, who we ranked No. 19 in October. Harden, Anthony Davis and Damian Lillard were the three notable dropouts on our preseason list.

While we’re still ranking our top 50 players in the league as of October 2022, we’ll provide a preview ahead of the NBA Finals with our top 10 players in the league so far.

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