Caleb Houstan joins other Michigan basketball players in Orlando

Caleb Houstan was not selected in the first round of the 2022 NBA Draft, but went early in the second round to the Orlando Magic.

It seems like we’ve said this before, but if you’re a Michigan basketball fan looking for an NBA team to follow, the Orlando Magic is a good choice.

That’s especially true after the Magic selected a basketball player from Michigan for the second straight year, taking Caleb Houstan, a former five-star recruit No. 32 overall.

Houstan left Michigan basketball after one season and came to the Wolverines known as a sharpshooter. He had his moments and more than people realize, but he struggled on the road and wasn’t consistent when shooting the ball.

Still, Houstan shot 39% in the Big Ten game. There was a drastic difference in his home/road splits, but he had some stellar moments and if he can be consistent he will be a valuable pick for the Magic at No. 32.

Houstan averaged more than 10 points per game last season but seemed to struggle with the college game at times. He’ll have to learn to shoot on the road if he wants to play in the NBA, but a college basketball season is also a small sample.

Houstan is 6-foot-9 and played well internationally before coming to Michigan. NBA scouts know what they’re getting and Houstan could be a 3/4 combo forward with the ability to shoot 40% from deep.

It’s very valuable if it works out and although he wasn’t consistent last season, he’ll probably get some time in the G-League. However, he will join Franz Wagner, Jon Teske and Iggy Brazdeikis on the Magic.

It seems like talking about a promise was fair and while some might disagree, the Magic made a smart investment in a player who pre-season was considered a potential lottery pick.

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