‘Coach Bub’ creates complete basketball players in Lourdes

After coaching NBA player Dennis Hopson as a youth, Lourdes strength coach “Coach Bub” continues to instill “confidence and focus.”

SYLVANIA, Ohio — A local basketball coach uses his love of the game to reach kids of all ages and inspire them to use their skills on and off the court.

Steven Corggens, also known as “Coach Bub”, is the assistant basketball coach of University of Lourdes. Bub has been coaching athletes for 45 years. Now, in his work as a strength trainer, he fulfills a goal of developing an athlete’s body and mind. Jackie Harris, a basketball player at the University of Lourdes, said he witnessed this.

“Coach Bub made all the difference, the biggest thing for me is the mentality…you’re stronger, you’re more athletic, that’s what he put in me,” Harris said.

He begins to work with children from the age of eight until university age. One of Bub’s most successful athletes is the men’s basketball coach of former NBA player Dennis Hopson Lourdes.

“When I was a young kid, I used to play in the streets,” Hopson said. “Coach Bub was that guy who was always there. Either he was at the park or we were going somewhere to play and he was there to watch and coach.”

Bub’s goal is to inspire confidence and focus. He asks young trainees to do weight training so that their strength grows along with their basketball skills.

“Bad habits start when they first engage in all of their sports,” Bub said.

He currently coaches an all-varsity basketball team at the University of Lourdes, which means that none of his players have a GPA below 3.0., a fact that he says makes athletes more complete.

“Concentration is very important in life in all your endeavours,” he said.

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