College basketball teams continue to deal with COVID-19

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) – The UVA women’s basketball team was scheduled to be on the court at rival Virginia Tech on Thursday night, but COVID-19 issues in the schedule forced the ‘Hoos to reschedule for Game 4 in a row.

It’s a familiar situation for the Cavaliers, who had to cancel their season after just five games last year.

But the Virginia women are far from the only team feeling the effects.

UVA men’s basketball coach Tony Bennett said, “We almost had our game canceled, we were so close, against Syracuse. We had about ten people in our program, four of our players, and then we got a few back.

The Wahoos were able to play and win on New Year’s Day.

The UVA men have had no games postponed so far this year.

Virginia Tech was not so lucky.

The Hokies had to “shut down” for almost two weeks after falling to Duke on Dec. 22.

Head coach Mike Young said: “We’re going to have a little eggnog and enjoy the family for two days, two huge days, and bring them back here on Christmas Day, in preparation for practice, and then everything is unleashed, and the hand is dealt to us.

In their first game against NC State, most Virginia Tech players returned to the field with virtually no practice.

Young says, “Being on the shelf for so long, and without the physique and everyday sharpness that you need to have to compete in this league, or any league, for that matter.”

Bennett adds: “You try to be as smart and as tough as possible, and some things are out of our control. Hopefully we keep our guys healthy and keep going. We have been through this so much.

Virginia is expected to be back in action in North Carolina on Saturday.

Virginia Tech is out until its game against UVA on Jan. 12.

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