EuroLeague partners with Israeli startup to get basketball players to wear AI body cameras during games

Basketball hoop, illustrative. Photo: Pixabay.

For the first time, basketball fans will be able to see and hear everything players do on the court, thanks to a new agreement between the EuroLeague and Israeli startup MindFly that will require athletes to wear body cameras powered by artificial intelligence.

EuroLeague, a professional basketball competition recognized as top league in Europe, all players in the upcoming season will be fitted with MindFly body cameras while playing, that was announcement Monday. The season will start with two to three players wearing the body cameras during games. MindFly’s cloud platform will use the resulting footage to create First Person Point of View (FPV) video clips for EuroLeague social media channels.

The EuroLeague is also expected to convert the videos into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which will be sold to fans.

The videos “will take fans directly to the pitch during matches and training sessions and deepen relationships between fans, players, clubs and leagues,” said Alex Ferrier, responsible for marketing and communication of the EuroLeague. “We are proud to bring such prodigious innovation to our fans.”

MindFly recently signed a similar deal with basketball club Bayern Munich in Germany, which will require players to wear body cameras while training. The solution “is offered for every sport and from any terrain, without any need for additional crew or infrastructure,” the company said.

While its AI system currently only broadcasts video clips of select moments from games and practice, it will soon be streaming full games live. Content can be viewed on all media channels including social media, TVs, cell phones, tablets and laptops.

“Our message to clubs and players is ‘you wear the vest, we do the rest’, and today MindFly is creating new and exciting content for all sports fans that hasn’t existed before,” said the MindFly co-founder and CEO, Eran Tal. “We are currently in advanced negotiations to sign agreements with several clubs and major football leagues in Europe and with several large diffusers. We will expand our partnerships globally over the coming year, focusing on top clubs, leagues and broadcasters. Europe and the United States.

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