FIBA Basketball Asia Cup 2022 Australia vs Lebanon Final Schedule, Date, Time, Semi-Final Results, Score, Bronze Medal Match, Live Stream

FIBA Basketball Asia Cup 2022, Australia and Lebanon have reached the final, while New Zealand and Jordan will fight for bronze, know the final schedule, live score, draw and schedule

The FIBA ​​Basketball Asia Cup 2022 will end on July 24, Australia and Lebanon have reached the final and will fight for the gold medal.

FIBA Basketball Asia Cup 2022 Australia vs Lebanon Final Schedule, Date, Time, Semi-Final Results, Score, Bronze Medal Game and Live Stream

In the first semi-final, Australia defeated New Zealand 85-67 and in the second semi-final, Lebanon beat Jordan in a narrow 86-85 victory.

It will be interesting to see if Australia will lift the trophy for the second consecutive year or if Lebanon will write their name in the history of the competition. Therefore, it will also be tough competition for Jordan and New Zealand for third place.

Let’s now summarize the tournament

The current FIBA ​​Asian Cup for Basketball is the 30th edition of basketball championships held in Asia. This is the first time teams have qualified for the tournament through the Asian Cup qualifying rounds. A total of 16 teams from the Asia-Pacific region had qualified for the tournament and, furthermore, these sixteen teams were divided into four groups in draws organized by FIBA ​​on February 18 in Jakarta. . This time the competition moved to the stadium in Istora, Indonesia, almost after 30 years.

FIBA Basketball Asia Cup 2022, Points table

Australia (A1) 3 0 6
Jordan (A2) 2 1 5
Indonesia (A3) 1 2 4
Saudi Arabia (x) 0 3 3
Korea (B1) 3 0 6
China (B2) 2 1 5
Chinese Taipei (B3) 1 2 4
Bahrain (x) 0 3 3
Iran (C1) 3 0 6
Japan (C2) 2 1 5
Syria (C3) 1 2 4
Kazakhstan (x) 0 3 3
Lebanon (D1) 3 0 6
New Zealand (D2) 2 1 5
Philippines (D3) 1 2 4
India (x) 0 3 3

FIBA Basketball Asia Cup 2022 Match Results

July 12, 2022

Chinese Taipei beat Bahrain, 102-84

Australia beat Jordan 76-60

Indonesia beat Saudi Arabia, 80-54

Korea beat China, 93-8

July 13, 2022

New Zealand beat India, 100-47

Iran beat Syria, 80-67

Japan beat Kazakhstan, 100-68

Lebanon beat the Philippines, 95-80

July 14, 2022

Australia beat Saudi Arabia 76-52

Korea defeated Chinese Taipei, 87-33

Jordan beat Indonesia, 74-65

China beat Bahrain, 80-79

July 15, 2022

Iran beat Kazakhstan, 96-60

Philippines, beat India, 101-59

Japan beat Syria, 117-56

Lebanon beat New Zealand, 86-72

July 16, 2022

Korea beat Bahrain, 78-73

Jordan beat Saudi Arabia, 74-64

Australia beat Indonesia, 78-53

China beat Chinese Taipei, 95-80

July 17, 2022

Lebanon beat India, 104-63

Syria defeats Kazakhstan, 77-67

Iran beat Japan, 88-76

New Zealand beat the Philippines, 92-75

July 18, 2022

Quarter-finals Qualification/Results

(QQF1) China beat Indonesia, 108-58

(QQF2) Jordan defeats Chinese Taipei, 97-96

July 19, 2022

(QQF3) New Zealand beat Syria, 97-58

(QQF4) Japan beat Philippines, 102-81

July 20, 2022

Knockout quarter-finals/results

(QF1) Jordan defeats Iran, 91-76

(QF2) Lebanon beat China, 72-69

July 21, 2022

Knockout quarter-finals/results

(QF3) Australia beat Japan, 99-85

(QF4) New Zealand beat South Korea, 88-78

July 23, 2022


(SF1) Australia beat New Zealand, 85-76

(SF2) Lebanon defeats Jordan, 86-85

Final: July 24, 2022 (Sunday)

(Bronze Medal) New Zealand vs Jordan – 6:30 p.m.

(Gold Medal) Australia vs Lebanon – 9:00 p.m.

The timings mentioned above are given in the time of the local region (Philippines) (GMT+8).

How to watch live action

Fans can visit the Courtside 1891 app.

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