FIBA: Israel take on the Netherlands on Saturday

Israel will face the Netherlands tomorrow at 3 p.m. ET in their second EuroBasket Group D game. Let’s break down Israel’s last game, look at the Netherlands line-up and more.

The Israel men’s national basketball team stunned Finland in their EuroBasket 2022 opener. Washington Wizards forward Deni Avdija scored 23 points and grabbed 15 rebounds in his first major tournament for a national team.

עבודה מצוינת DENI!!!!!

The Israelis won’t have much rest before they face the Netherlands, who are coming off a 100-76 loss to Serbia earlier in the day. The result should come as no surprise, considering recent NBA MVP Nikola Jokic plays for the Serbs. The Dutch have no NBA talent and most play domestically in the BNXT League, which also includes Belgian teams.

The only player who is on an American team at any level right now is Syracuse forward Jesse Edwards, who is still underdeveloped at the moment. That said, there are others who have played college basketball in the United States in the past. Starting center Matt Haarms played at Purdue and BYU from 2017 to 2021 and was considered a possible NBA draft hopeful. Olaf Schaftenaar played college basketball at Oregon State from 2012 to 2016.

Netherlands starting point guard Keye van der Vuurst de Vries made himself available for the NBA draft this year despite not being selected. He is only 20 years old and has played in four consecutive teams in the Belgian championship or BNXT with Filou Oostende. In fact, he was the Finals MVP last season for the league’s exclusively Belgian tournament.

I’m not going to write off a team before they get on the field because of a lack of NBA players or familiarity. But my feeling is that Israel shouldn’t have much trouble beating the Netherlands and getting a much-needed 2-0 record in the group tomorrow.

At this point in BF’s history, most of the things we’ve mentioned in Dutch had to do with Belgium when Emma Meesseman was playing for the Mystics. Now I guess we’ll use it for the country we most associate with the Dutch language – straight from the source!

About the Netherlands

  • Capital: The Constitution states that the capital is Amsterdam. However, the seat of government is in The Hague.
  • Population: 17.7 million
  • National anthem: Het Wilhelmus (The Wilhelmus)

  • The most famous companies in the Netherlands: The Netherlands are the lowest ranked team in Group D, but are otherwise one of the strongest countries in the world. Heineken, Unilever, Philips, IKEA and Ahold Delhaize are among the many global companies headquartered here. Shell was also founded here, although it is now headquartered in the UK (h/t CDKA). The Netherlands is also known as one of the tax havens of the European Union, so major American companies also host their European headquarters in the country, such as Uber and Nike.
  • Attractions I would like to see in the Netherlands: I would like to take a private boat trip through the historic city center of Amsterdam and see its four most remarkable canals: the Singel, Herengracht (Canal of the Lords)Keizergracht (Emperor’s Canal), and Prinsengracht (Prince’s Canal) on a summer weekend afternoon.
  • Other things the Netherlands is known to Americans for: The Netherlands colonized what is now much of New York City and New York State in the 17th century. They are also known for their socially tolerant culture compared to most countries in the world, even Western ones. Finally, it was in the Netherlands that the United States ended the war of 1812 against the United Kingdom with the Treaty of Ghent* which was signed in 1814 and ratified in 1815. In short, the Netherlands Bas is arguably the country that has the strongest relationship with the United States. , all things Considered. And then there are the klompen (wooden shoes), windmills and reclamation.
  • Official language: Dutch
  • What do the Dutch call their country? Netherlands (Nay-dur-lahnt)
  • The first Dutch man or woman I think of: Holland is one of America’s best friends, so I can think of a lot of them in sports, EDM or modeling. But outside of these areas, the first Dutchman I think of is Marwan Kenzari. He played Jafar in the live-action version of Aladdin and some on social media called him…”Hot Jafar”. Here’s an interview with him discussing his role in the recent Disney film.

  • What is a popular song in the Netherlands by Dutch artists? According to the Top 50 Most Played Songs in the Netherlands on Spotify, KATNUF’s “Van mij zijn” (Be Mine) has been at No. 1 since September 2.

* Ghent is now in Belgium. Present-day Belgium only existed in 1830, when it declared its independence from the Netherlands.

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