FIBA National Youth Camp to equip coaches, young players

The Fiba National Youth Camp kicked off on Monday February 21st at the Bible University of Africa in Lubowa.

The six-day camp runs until Saturday and is split into two, the first being for youth coaches and later for players.

The coaches had their first session on Monday while the players’ sessions will run from Thursday to Saturday.

30 players (15 boys and as many girls) and 20 coaches will be part of the camp. The top 15 players will be selected for the regional camp and will be joined by top performing coaches.

The camp is led by Nour Amri, FIBA ​​Instructor, and Joe Touomou, NBA Academy Technical Director and Fiba Expert.

The camp was launched earlier in the day and was chaired by Ambrose Tashobya, the President of the Fiba Africa Youth Council and 3×3 Basketball alongside FUBA President Nasser Sserunjogi as well as NCS General Secretary Bernard Ogwel .

what they said

Ambrose Tashobya (L) speaking at the press conference

This program is intended to create a good foundation for the development of young people in Africa and this year we are pleased to partner with key instructors in the development of the growth of the game who will participate in the implementation of this program. We have two instructors who came, one from FIBA ​​and the other from the NBA. They will equip coaches and later children with basic knowledge about the game

Ambroise Tashobya

Nasser Sserunjogi delivering his speech

As a country we have a program to develop players at the age of U14 through our technical department. We have been working with them for two years and we are preparing them for the U16s [Tournaments] to Zone V and AfroBasket. We realized that they reach this level (Zone V and AfroBasket) when they are not well prepared, so we need to have such youth camps to develop them when they are still young. We believe that such programs will go a long way in preparing us to achieve [success at tournaments].

Nasser Sserunjogi

Bernerd Ogwel (L) consults Ambrose Tashobya

Basketball is one of the fastest growing sports in Uganda and given the recent success of our senior national teams, I think this is a very good move moving forward. I salute FIBA ​​Africa and Mr. Ambrose [Tashobya] for this wonderful initiative. NCS will embrace this program and work closely with FUBA to ensure its success. We know the needs of this sport and I will do my best to ensure that basketball gets what it wants.

Bernard Ogwell

Nour Amri

I am very happy to be here to contribute to the development journey of the players of this country. It is a question of building the future Ugandan actors. The goal of the camp is to equip coaches with the tools and knowledge to make the right choices when it comes to identifying and selecting talent. It also aims to make them understand how sporting talent develops and is maintained and that is why we have two sections of the camp.

Nour Amri

Joe Toumou

This is my first time to Uganda. Basketball needs people who are willing to support it. It’s a growing sport that needs people who want to push it to the highest level. This is a big milestone in basketball in Uganda and that’s why FIBA ​​and FUBA have put this together to make sure we bring everything we have and share it with the coaches and the children.

Joe Toumou

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