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DME Academy and The Rock School are two of Florida State’s many top basketball programs. Both schools consistently produce players who make an impact at the college and professional levels. Here are some of the takeaways from a number of prospects that impacted DME’s 77-68 win over The Rock.

Sammie Yeanay

junior | 6’8″ forward | The School of Rock (FL)

Yeanay stood out for The Rock in this match. Standing at 6ft 8in, Yeanay has shown an interesting ability to put the ball on the ground and create his own drives with his combination of size, strength, fluidity and body control, although he has no an elite level of quickness with the ball. his hands.

While struggling a bit as a self-creator against DME’s defense, Yeanay was really effective as a game finisher in both under the rim and catch-and-shoot jumpers. He has the combination of tools and skills to become a versatile forward at the college level who can make his presence felt in the paint as an inside scorer and in the perimeter as a ground spacer. It’s really interesting that we give him the opportunity to initiate the attack with the ball in his hands; these reps on the ball could prove to be important for him in terms of further development.

Baraka Okojie

junior | Guard 6’3” | DME Academy (FL)

Okojie ran the show for DME, having the ball in his hands for most possessions and he made the most of the opportunity in this game as he had an outstanding performance as a shot maker for both himself and for others. Okojie managed to score at multiple levels from the ground, reaching the rim with his impressive combination of speed and body control. As a shooter, he was able to create his own jumper from inside the arc, showing a solid level of sideline movement.

Okojie has also made his mark as a passer, particularly on the move, being able to react quickly to help defenders, find open teammates and make good plays with consistency. As a defender, he was able to weave through passing lanes and create interceptions and deflections. His main area of ​​improvement is his shooting, as he’s clearly more comfortable inside the arc at this point and according to Cerebro Sports’ database he’s only shot 13% from three at FIBA ​​events.

Holding only one D1 offer at the moment according to Verbal Commits, I expect Okojie’s recruitment to ramp up quickly if he continues with this level of play, as his all-round game at guard can be invaluable for the majority of Division 1. programs.

Nigle Cook

Senior | Wing 6’6” | DME Academy (FL)

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Cook played mostly off the ball for DME but capitalized on it by being extremely effective as a shooter. He shoots an extremely easy and repeatable ball and is capable of hitting shots with long range, making him easy to project as a consistent and versatile shooter at the next level of competition. With the ball in his hands, he showed fluidity and speed, being able to attack closeouts. In these situations, he was able to exploit the help of defenders by finding teammates on the move.

Cook has played extremely well in this game, having the size and length required for the wing position, it’s easy to see him bringing value to an NCAA team from day one as a shooter who is also able to selectively put the ball on the floor and lead to the basket.

Ryan Jones Jr.

junior | 6’9″ forward | The School of Rock (FL)

Jones is an incredibly strong 6-foot-9 forward who is able to use his strength extremely well to punish shifts. In the paint, the attacker is able to create space through pure physicality and when he catches the ball on the 3-point line, he is able to put the ball on the ground and simply intimidate the opponents on his way to the edge. The most interesting aspect of this game was the ability to create your own perimeter shot, showing great footwork and hitting jumpers off the dribble.

Holding several major offers, Jones was the most touted prospect to enter the game, although he didn’t dominate as you would expect, he showed impressive perimeter abilities for his size, which justifies more than the big major the attention it receives.

Other Perspectives to Note

Kam Wright (Junior – The Rock) is a 6ft 6in tooled winger who was able to use his height and length to make an impact at both ends of the floor. He was also able to space the ground. Holds multiple D1 deals and he could be a hard-hitting two-way wing with his tools and shooting ability.

Petras Padegimas (Senior – DME) is one of the smartest and most timely cutters I’ve seen in a while, he took advantage of The Rock’s zone defense to make cuts and his teammates were able to find him with lobs repeatedly. Padegimas also uses his tools in defense, being able to cover perimeter positions. Definitely a player to watch for the D1 level given his tools.

Austin Leslie (Sophomore – The Rock) played mostly off the ball, but he made an impact hitting jumpers and making good plays in transition. Definitely a player to follow over the next few years.

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