Highlights and best moments: Dominican Republic 78-90 Argentina in FIBA ​​Americaup 2022 | 06/09/2022

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With this hat-trick, Argentina sealed the victory

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4Q 00:44

Richard Bautista with two more points to make the defeat more decorative.

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4Q 01:47

Long distance shot from Gabriel Deck and achieves the hat-trick.

20:54 an hour ago

4Q 03:01

Nicolás Laprovittola added two more from the penalty line.

20:49 A man hour ago

4Q 04:32

Nicolás Laprovittola from the corner makes the three pointer.

20:44 2 hours ago

4Q 04:15

Gabriel Deck was fouled and took advantage of both free throws.

20:39 2 hours ago

4Q 04:39

Jeromy Rodriguez with two more points at almost 4.

20:34 2 hours ago

4Q 05:31

Angel Delgado with the two free throws and the Dominican Republic is getting closer and closer.

20:29 2 hours ago

4Q 06:03

Angel Delgado finds space and shoots for the double.

20:24 2 hours ago

4Q 07:24

Tayavek Gallizzi takes advantage of the rebound and adds two extra points.

20:19 2 hours ago

4Q 09:44

Quickly Juan Vaulet made the basket to increase the lead.

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20:09 2 hours ago

3Q 00:03

Bomb by Nicolás Laprovittola and makes the three-pointer.

20:04 2 hours ago

3Q 01:48

Leandro Bolmaro scores both free throws for Argentina.

19:59 2 hours ago

3Q 02:27

Nicolas Brussino with a triple and Argentina turned things around again.

19:54 2 hours ago

3Q 04:52

Angel Delgado with the fault and adds one more point to the board.

19:49 2 hours ago

3Q 05:09

Juan Suero converted the two points with a free throw.

19:44 3 hours ago

3Q 07:19

Facundo Campazzo’s bombshell marks Argentina’s first points of this period.

19:39 3 hours ago

3Q 08:49

Juan Suero with a brace and the difference is now one possession.

19:34 3 hours ago

3Q 09:43

Andres Feliz with the two points to open the second half slate.

19:29 3 hours ago

3Q 10:00

The second half begins between the Dominican Republic and Argentina.

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19:19 3 hours ago

2Q 00:28

Yeison Yan with a double in the final stretch of the second period.

19:14 3 hours ago

2Q 01:58

Gabriel Deck with a double and the advantage is already 10 points.

19:09 3 hours ago

2Q 02:41

Gabriel Deck with Time and Space takes the hit for three more.

19:04 3 hours ago

2Q 03:15

Carlos Delfino shows up again, now with a hat-trick.

18:59 3 hours ago

2Q 04:20

Carlos Delfino takes advantage of the rebound and adds two extra points.

18:54 3 hours ago

2Q 05:29

After several scoreless minutes, Anyeuri Castillo came on with the bomb and converted the triple.

18:49 3 hours ago

2Q 08:49

Ángel Delgado with two more points on the board.

18:44 4 hours ago

2Q 09:42

Nicolás Laprovittola with a hat-trick for the Albiceleste to take a four-point lead.

18:39 4 hours ago

End of first trimester

Dominican Republic 24-25 Argentina

18:34 4 hours ago

1Q 01:37

Yeison Yan with a double to take advantage of a possession.

18:29 4 hours ago

1Q 02:28

Gabriel Deck with a brace to even the scoreboard at 20 points.

18:24 4 hours ago

1Q 04:19

Andres Feliz with a brace and the Caribbean nearly one.

18:19 4 hours ago

1Q 05:51

Gabriel Deck with a double and Argentina reverses the game.

18:14 4 hours ago

1Q 07:32

Carlos Delfino with the first hat-trick for Argentina and tightens the scoreboard.

18:09 4 hours ago

1Q 08:43

Nicolás Laprovittola with a brace to close the gap.

18:04 4 hours ago

1Q 09:44

Angel Delgado with a brace for the first points of the match.

17:59 4 hours ago

1Q 10:00

The match between the Dominican Republic and Argentina begins.

17:54 4 hours ago

Minutes away

We are minutes away from the start of the match between the Dominican Republic and Argentina.

17:49 4 hours ago

The penultimate game

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Scenarios for Puerto Rico

17:39 5 hours ago

Already warming up

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Results Dominican Republic

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Results for Argentina

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The FIBA ​​quarter-finals will be played this Thursday and Argentina will be there no matter what in this game; the Dominican Republic will be pending.

17:19 5 hours ago

To qualify

If the Dominican Republic wants to qualify for the next round with a loss on Tuesday, they must lose by a difference of no more than 21 points to overtake Colombia as the second-best third team.

17:14 5 hours ago

For the first place

If Argentina manages to win by 14 points or more, they will finish as the best team in the tournament ahead of Brazil and face one of the two third places (the worst of these two).

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Argentina are looking to finish the FIBA ​​Americas 2022 group stage with a perfect record against the Dominican Republic. We start with coverage of the match by VAVEL.

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What time is the Dominican Republic vs Argentina game for FIBA ​​Americaup 2022?

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Context of the Dominican Republic vs. Argentina match

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Argentina key player

16:44 6 hours ago

Key player Dominican Republic

Andres Feliz was happy in the last game because he was the team’s leading scorer with 18 points in the 24 minutes he was on the field, in addition to making 4 of 5 three-point shots.

16:39 6 hours ago

Argentina: the way to the champion?

Argentina are one of the big favorites to win this tournament and in the first two games showed the reasons for this assertion, as they started with 95-62 victories against the Virgin Islands and Sunday 99-86 against Puerto Rico, so they are already qualified for the quarter-finals, although they will only be looking to finish with perfect rhythm to secure first place in the group.

16:34 6 hours ago

Dominican Republic: last chance

With a win and a loss, it ends up being a fundamental game for the Dominican Republic, because they could fight for a ticket to qualify as one of the best third places, that’s why they can’t afford to lose and will have to pull all the saves to be in the next round.

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