IG: Get to know Wolfpack basketball players!

NC State athletics has been riding high with its content lately. Over the past few weeks they have released a series called ‘Thundercats’, a series of interviews where Wolfpack Football coach Dantonio ‘Thunder’ Burnette’s children sit down for a Q&A with some of the biggest stars of the football team.

And it’s not just football. Now they have started releasing a series called “Get to Know the Wolfpack” where they ask a series of personal questions to some of the basketball players.

Again, this is great content. The goal here is to pique the interest of the players, and in doing so, the fans create a closer relationship with the team. Humanizing players (and marketing them) at the college level is something that teams have started doing a lot more of in recent years and NC State has been one of the programs that has really taken advantage of that lately.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the information we found interesting.

Casey Morsell: His motto of the season “The journey is the reward” is rather apt. He’s a guy who started his career at Virginia, started as a freshman, but fell apart and was benched. With transfer rules having been relaxed two years ago, Morsell decided to change course and head to NC State where he appears to have revitalized his career. He is now a major part of this year’s NC State team and is sought after for his leadership skills and defensive prowess.

Another interesting takeaway is that Morsell lists his hidden talent as “computer programming” and, in his spare time, enjoys doing puzzles and playing tennis. Pretty damn well rounded if you ask me!

Col du Breon: His motto for the season is “one day at a time”, which again makes sense. He’s a kid who was a 4-star rookie and had a bit of a hard time last season getting up to the ACC level. He had some really brilliant moments, but it was clear he would need an offseason to develop his body and improve his craft before he really saw what he was capable of.

Meanwhile, in his spare time, Breon says he’s a skilled cook and wants to remind everyone that he’s still good at football. (Note that he was also a highly recruited football prospect!)

LJ Thomas: The freshman hasn’t even played a game at NC State yet, and he’s not someone we talk about much, but the kid is good. He was the No. 4 ranked player at North Carolina last year and he has a college-ready body, a good jump shot and a solid grip. He too says his hidden talent is cooking and like most kids his age he likes to spend his free time playing NBA 2k (video game) and hanging out.

Ebe Dowuona– The recent narrative has been that NC State recruited over Ebe Dowuona after a season where the Pack was pretty badly beaten in the paint all season. However, it’s worth noting that Ebe barely played as a freshman and was thrust into a starting role last year when Bates fell. I don’t think it’s safe to cancel Dowuona. He’s a guy who could see things click soon. He’s a talented shot blocker and has built his body this offseason. It will be interesting to see if his return to the basket game progresses with an offseason of work. This seems to be Dowuona’s own thought process, not looking to give up his minutes in the paint so easily. His season motto “My Turn” suggests he’s ready now and wants to show the Wolfpack Nation what he’s capable of. He lists God in his ‘things he likes’ section and says his hidden talent is football. His favorite quote is “Rule your mind or it will rule you”, suggesting that he is a focused, driven kid who understands that now is the season for him to take control of his destiny.

We look forward to more articles and will be sure to share them when they are published.

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