Jaden Ivey 2022 NBA Draft Profile

Jaden Ivey is a sophomore from South Bend, Indiana. The All-American guard led Purdue in goals and assists last season and is widely considered one of the top prospects in the 2022 draft.

Jaden Ivey 2022 NBA Draft Profile

University career

A four-star freshman out of high school, Ivey caught the eye of local programs like Butler and Notre Dame, before finally committing to Purdue in 2019. Ivey overcame a foot injury in his freshman season and went on for a year productive recruit. He averaged 11.1 points per game in his 23 outings. Ivey started 12 of those games for the Boilermakers and averaged 24.2 minutes per game. His effort was good enough to make the 2020-21 Big Ten All-Freshman team.

His second season saw Ivey become one of the most exciting players in the country. The 6’4” combo guard improved his numbers across the board, adding six points, two rebounds and one assist to his averages from the previous year. Along with the statistical improvements, Ivey began to make a name for himself with a steady stream of highlight-worthy plays.

Ivey’s explosive play led Purdue to the Big Ten Conference Championship Game, where they would lose to Iowa. This loss came despite Ivey leading the team in points, rebounds and assists. His impressive play made Ivey a member of the 2021-22 All Big-Ten Tournament Team. The Boilermakers would stay hot, reaching the Sweet Sixteen before being eliminated by March-Cinderella St. Peters. Ivey finished the year as a member of the All Big-Ten First Team and a Consensus Second-Team All-American.

The young guard also averaged 12.3 points per game for Team USA at the FIBA ​​U19 Basketball World Cup 2021 in Latvia.


Dynamic. That’s the best word to describe Ivey’s game. His athleticism and explosiveness set him apart from other guards in this draft class. He has a quick first step that allows him to blow past defenders and into the lane. Once there, Ivey has the rebound to bring it to the edge over bigger defenders. He also showed a good eye in these situations and a knack for hitting the open man once defenders came to help. In transition, Ivey is a one-man fastbreak, able to go 94 feet and finish with authority.

Although not a pure playmaker, Ivey showed a big advantage with his passing and his decision making. He looks for the open man when he enters the defense and knows how to involve his teammates throughout the game. Ivey still has a lot of potential to improve his attacking game as well. He increased his three-point shooting percentage by 10 points between his first year and his second year and it should continue to increase.


With great athleticism, comes great responsibility. If you can forgive the poor reference to Spider-Man, my point is this: young guards with the athletic ability to dominate their peers can get away with bad decisions early in their careers. It’s only when the playing field is level that these bad habits start to have a negative impact. As for Ivey, he tends to get off his feet before making a final decision on where to go with the ball. While this led to several highlights, it was also the cause of many turnovers. On top of that, Ivey’s offensive half-court game could use some polishing. If he can improve his pull-up in the midrange or develop his floater, Ivey would almost spin out of control in the pick and roll.

Another area of ​​improvement for Ivey is ball control. His quick approach leads to easy buckets, but it can also lead to unforced errors. Defensively, Ivey showed flashes with his ability to play passing lanes and block shots. However, he struggles to stay ahead of his man in the pick and roll and needs to improve his consistency at this end of the field. None of these are major holes in his game and Ivey should be able to thrive in the league if he has time to focus and improve in those areas.

NBA player comparison

Ja Morant. No, seriously, it’s weird. When looking at these two side by side, the resemblance between each other’s games is astounding. They both have incredible athleticism and body control in flight. Both could be better defenders and perimeter shooters, but Morant is the perfect example of what Ivey could be for the team that decides to take him in the first round.

NBA draft projection

Ivey is a lock for the lottery and will likely be one of the first five players drafted.

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