Jalen Rose is one of the most featured basketball players in hip-hop music videos: “I’ve appeared in more music videos than any player of all time in the NBA, NFL or MLB.”

Jalen Rose was a very forward thinking NBA player in his prime. Rose had a lot of notoriety since her college days, as the Michigan Fab Five were nationally known. As a result, many doors have opened for Jalen, who has capitalized on his fame and built strong relationships in the music industry.

His very first video appearance came when he was an NBA rookie in 1994 with PMD’s “I Saw It Cummin”, showing that Rose quickly ingratiated himself with the right artists to get those opportunities. He would make more friends in the music industry and would later collaborate with Master P, Jadakiss, Styles P, Ludacris, Nelly, Diddy, Scarface, T-Pain and even Jamie Foxx.

Rose crowned himself as the only major league sports athlete to have so many music video cameos, as Rose regularly featured in some of the hottest songs of the late 90s and early 2000s. ESPN Rose won’t. not so soon.

Rose has never released music and is clearly having a great time jumping on sets to some of rap’s most iconic songs like “Hot In Here”, “Move, Bi**h” and “Goodbye To My Homies”. . ‘. Anyone in that same position would grab those opportunities and run with them, which is exactly what Rose did.

The former NBA star now has a very clean image with his ESPN duties and you don’t really see him associating with artists today like he did in the 90s. We haven’t seen a modern Jalen make a cameo in a video, but maybe someone could punch him and fix something. His list of cameos will only grow, further solidifying him as the athlete with the most music video appearances.

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