Jose Alvarado shines at FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup

Several months after wrapping up a sizzling NBA rookie campaign, Jose Alvarado has once again caught the attention of fans in recent days.

Puerto Rico has taken part in a few World Cup qualifying matches and Alvarado, who joined their national men’s basketball team in April, immediately stood out with several outstanding individual performances.

Although Puerto Rico lost 83-75 to the United States on July 1, Alvarado had 20 points and four assists on his international debut. Then, after stepping into the starting lineup against Mexico, Alvarado was even better last night, dropping a line of 22 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in a 97-87 overtime win.

After finishing in the top three of their group with a 3-3 record, Puerto Rico advance to the second round of qualifying for the Americas, with their next game against Brazil on August 25. Seven of the 12 Americas teams will eventually advance to the 2023 World Cup.

So, what did the New Orleans Pelicans point guard look like in action? There are several highlight reels that focus on his scoring, but to get a better idea of ​​Alvarado’s minutes, I decided to watch the game between Puerto Rico and USA in its entirety.

After overcoming Gary Browne’s bewilderment as he took Alvarado’s start, it was great to see the San Juan crowd cheer Jose hard as he entered the field for the first time about four minutes later.

He reciprocated the gesture from the fans by making his presence felt immediately.

Note Alvarado’s celebration on his first score because that intensity stuck. Seconds later, he was loudly applauding the defence, picking up the pace noticeably after each change of possession and talking a lot to his teammates, opponents and referees.

The play-by-play announcer commented that Alvarado’s insertion was like a shot of espresso. He wasn’t wrong. In addition to the energy provided, check out these captivating pieces that we are used to seeing on Pelicans.

First, a charge taken against the 6’6 George King.

Then that base screen from John Jenkins led to an open look and deep take for Puerto Rico.

Finally, each flagship package requires at least one Alvarado flight.

Immediately after this set up in transition, Alvarado attempted a grand theft auto patent flight where he hid in the corner of the baseline, then attempted to chase the ball handler from behind as the ball rose. in the field.

Although the shot didn’t hit the dirt this time, the tone was set. Alvarado’s relentless style at both ends of the pitch has paid off for his side. More importantly to me, Jose was still Jose — the NBA’s recent success in going from undrafted player to something of a playoff sensation hasn’t tempered his ferocity or effectiveness.

Although Alvarado’s passion couldn’t propel Puerto Rico to a victory against the United States, it did against Mexico.

After leading by no less than 18 points just before intermission, Puerto Rico hit an offensive wall in the second half. Thanks to draining three 3-pointers in the fourth quarter and another in overtime however, Alvarado aired a potential heartbreaking loss.

This is the most crucial aspect of Alvarado’s game. His tenacity will never be denied. He will always harass opponents on the ball and keep them guessing. But if he can show he can hit the perimeter jumper with consistency on the road, he’s going to have a very long and meaningful professional career – similar to JJ Barea, who was honored for his Puerto Rican national exploits in mid- contest time against the United States.

While Alvarado concluded his FIBA ​​commitment yesterday, he is expected to join the Pelicans this week and feature in several summer league games on the schedule. Who else can’t wait to see what he and his teammates do in Las Vegas?!

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