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A year ago, very few people in NBA circles knew how good Josh Giddey could be.

But with four triple-doubles, four consecutive NBA Western Conference Rookie of the Month awards and an NBA All-Rookie Second Team nomination, people now know what the Aussie star can do.

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Giddey was selected by the Oklahoma City Thunder with the sixth pick of the 2021 NBA Draft after a season with the NBL team Adelaide 36ers and proved he could hang with the big boys, ending his NBA rookie season with an average of 12.5 points, 7.8 rebounds and 6.4 assists.

Additionally, he was the only rookie to rack up at least 500 points, 400 rebounds, and 300 assists.

With all of that behind him, it’s no wonder respected NBA analyst Bill Simmons put him so high on his famous list of business values ​​for 2022.

The roster, determined not by a player’s ability but rather by their commercial value which takes into account several elements, includes 64 players divided into different tiers.

Speaking on The Bill Simmons podcast, Simmons initially ranked Giddey at 52 in a section he called “The Upside Gang”.

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When Simmons revealed he first had Giddey in 52nd place, fellow analyst Ryen Russillo was slightly taken aback.

“Honestly, Giddey feels weak at 52 because I love watching this guy play so much,” Russillo said.

Simmons agreed Giddey was slightly low on his board, but not by much.

He then wondered if a hypothetical trade could be considered for Giddey and another young NBA star.

“I agree on Giddey,” Simmons said.

“Even watching him in the Summer League for the past few weeks, I really like this guy.

“You could chat, LaMelo (Ball) comes in a few places later, you could chat Giddey vs. LaMelo, who would you rather have for the next seven years?”

Russillo conceded he should tell Ball, only because he saw the Charlotte Hornets star play regularly.

However, part of Russillo ‘means Giddey is really bad here’, another indication of the Aussie’s growing power.

Simmons replied, “I think that’s the right answer. But you had to think about it for a split second, which is why Giddey is so interesting.

In Simmons’ list, Ball ultimately ranked No. 33 in the category “Too, young, too cheap, too good… Please stop calling us.”

Giddey eventually finished at No. 51 and the highest name in ‘The Upside Gang’, ahead of Franz Wagner (52), RJ Barrett (53), Jaren Jackson Jr (54), Herb Jones (55), Tyrese Maxey ( 56) and Tyrese Haliburton (57).

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While Giddey deservedly received plenty of praise from the duo, another Aussie didn’t.

Although Ben Simmons was not named in the list of 64 men, he created another, undesirable category: “dishonorable mentions”.

“We made history,” Simmons said.

“We had three players disqualified from the list. There are dishonorable mentions. I just refuse to put them on.

“Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons and James Harden, you are not allowed to be on the list. I disqualified you. You are outside. Do.”

Russillo then shared a humorous anecdote about his time in Las Vegas for the Summer League with his friends that perhaps sums up perfectly where the Brooklyn Nets star is at right now.

“Ben Simmons was hanging out and mingling and whatever,” Russillo said.

“I was with a few other people and we were watching people stop and take their picture with Ben Simmons.

“One of the guys on the team said, ‘Can you imagine wanting your picture with him right now?

Had Simmons continued his upward trajectory since his debut with the Philadelphia 76ers, he might have landed in the highest category of the trade values ​​list, known as “Completely and Totally Untouchable.”

Giannis Anteokounmpo topped the list in first place and was followed by Luka Doncic (2nd), Nikola Jokic (3rd) and Steph Curry (4th).

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