JPN vs KAZ Dream11 FIBA ​​Live Prediction Japan vs Kazakhstan

JPN vs. KAZ Dream11: The FIBA ​​Men’s World Cup Qualifiers are here and there is a lot at stake for the World Cup which will take place next year from the last week of August. There are teams that will have to work hard to qualify for the next round, but then we have Japan, who qualified for the World Cup as one of the hosts. They will meet Kazakhstan here

Japan enter this match having lost to Iran 68:79 despite a show from Yudai Baba who scored 27 points. Still, it wasn’t a great game for Japan overall.

On the other hand, Kazakhstan battled against China but lost 56:68 in terrible three-point shooting percentage. Can they pull the rug out from under the Japanese here?

Home: Japan
Visitors: Kazakhstan
Timing of matches:
August 30, @ 2:35 PM (+05:30 UTC)
Venue: Okinawa Arena, Okinawa, Japan

JPN vs KAZ FIBA ​​Men’s Qualifying Projections, Statistics and Analysis

Low scorers on all counts

If we strip out Yudai Baba’s performance, Japan shot six of 34 from the three-point line and 15 of 51 from the field overall, meaning the team play was not up to scratch. Five players who attempted five or more shots shot below 30% and a much better effort must be extracted. Japan will like to fall behind in the second quarter of the previous match where they only scored 5 points.

Kazakhstan were way too far from the three-point line and fired a 2/21 platry from there. They only hit 33% of their shots and committed 33 fouls in total, which meant they had no rhythm. The team provided only 8 assists and that’s surely a poor effort in terms of ball movement. Can Kazakhstan understand their woes after having a solid game offensively.

JPN vs KAZ Dream11 FIBA ​​Men’s Qualifiers Live, Team News and Lineups

Japan list:

Beginners expected in Japan
PF: Soichiro Inoue
SF: Hirotaka Yoshii
SG: Yudai Baba
SG: Makato Hiejima
PG: Yuki Togashi

BENCH: Yutaroh Suda, Ryo Terashima, Avi Koki Schafer, Yuki Kawamura, Yuya Nagayoshi.

List of Kazakhstan:

Kazakhstan Starters expected
C: Anton Bykov
PF: Roman Marchuk
SG: Maxim Marchuk
G: Shaiam Kuanov
PG: Rustam Murzagaliev

BENCH: Vladimir Ivanov, Vladimir Chsherbak, Robert Pan, Dimitry Gavrilov, Andrey Litvinenko, Ruslan Aitkali, Oleg Balashov.

FIBA Men’s Qualifiers Scores, Top Fantasy Basketball Picks

Yudai Baba (JPN)
Points: 27
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 02
Flights: 02
Yudai shot 10/13 last game and was unstoppable for most games. I think he’ll be 18-24 points and 4-6 rebounds.

Rustam Murzagaliyev (KAZ)
Dots: 14
Rebounds: 04
Passes: 05
Flights: 02
Rustam was a solid all-rounder and led the team last time out. I think he’ll be 12-18 points, 4-7 assists and 4-6 rebounds.

Yuki Togashi (JPN)
Dots: 03
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 06
Flights: 01

Yuki is an excellent playmaker and can also be strong offensively. I think he will be 7-11 points and 5-8 assists.

Maxime Marchuk (KAZ)
Dots: 10
Rebounds: 05
Assists: 01
Blocks: 01
Flights: 01

Maxim can give a solid rebound and a decent score. I think he’ll be 8-12 points and 4-6 rebounds.

Makoto Hiejima (JPN)
Dots: 11
Rebounds: 02
Assists: 01
Flights: 03

Blocks: 01
Makoto had a solid game but can he keep the momentum going? I believe it will be in the range of 7 to 11 points.

Anton Bykov (KAZ)
Dots: 05
Rebounds: 04
Aids: 00
Anton can deliver a solid rebound in minutes. I think he’ll be 4-8 points and 4-7 rebounds.

Hirotaka Yoshii (JPN)
Dots: 06
Rebounds: 08
Assists: 01
Flights: 01

Yoshii is a good rebounder but his offense can be a little off. I think he’ll be 6-10 points and 6-10 rebounds.

Roman Marchouk (KAZ)
Dot: 00
Rebounds: 05
Aids: 00
Roman can give a solid rebound but will have to do more in terms of scoring. I think he’ll be 4-8 points and 5-8 rebounds.

Soichiro Inoue (JPN)
Dots: 09
Rebounds: 03
Assists: 01
Flights: 02
Blocks: 01
Inoue can give a solid defense but will have to do more offensively. I believe it will be in the 10-14 point range

Dmitry Gavrilov (KAZ)
Dots: 02
Rebounds: 01
Aids: 00
Blocks: 02

Flights: 01
Dimitry gives viable minutes as a backup center. I think he will be in 4-9 points, 4-7 rebounds and 1-2 blocks.

Yuya Nagayoshi (JPN)
Dots: 04
Rebounds: 05
Aids: 00
Yuya can give a decent rebound.

Shaim Kuanov (KAZ)
Dots: 10
Rebounds: 04
Assists: 02

Kuanov has been a decent scoring presence. I believe it will be in the range of 8 to 13 points.

Yuki Kawamura (JPN)
Dots: 05
Rebounds: 01
Assists: 03
Yuki is a solid playmaker and can be in the 4-7 assist range.

Robert Pan (KAZ)
Dots: 07
Rebounds: 01
Aids: 00

Robert doesn’t usually get a lot of minutes.

JPN vs KAZ Dream11 Lineup

PG: Y Togashi
OS: Y Baba(PP), R Murzagaliyev(SP)Y Kawamura
SF: H Yoshii
PF: R Marchuk, Y Nagayoshi
C: A Bykov

Where to watch the live score of the FIBA ​​Men’s Qualifiers?

Which team will emerge from their attacking rut? The FIBA ​​Men’s Qualifiers can be viewed on the Courtside 1891 website, which can be accessed using the link accessible on the official FIBA ​​website, where you can go to the FIBA ​​Men’s Qualifiers and access the link there. You can find out the score on the official FIBA ​​website.

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