Kerr argues NBA should enforce FIBA ​​foul ruling /News

Golden State Warriors bench boss Steve Kerr is trying to convince the NBA to reconsider handling fouls in fast attacks.

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According to the American specialist, the NBA should adopt FIBA’s rule of making stoppage of transition a technical foul.

“It’s terrible. It’s terrible for the game and for the fans,” Kerr said, per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon.

The Warriors head coach also added that he knows the NBA is “very serious” about addressing this.

The NBA has attempted to address the issue in recent years by introducing the “clear path” foul. However, Steve Kerr doesn’t think that’s enough for modern basketball.

Via The Sports Rush, a clear lane foul is currently characterized as an individual foul against any hostile player at the opportunity to score their team’s transition.

It applies under the following conditions: the ball is in front of the tip of the circle in the backcourt; no other defender is in front of the offensive player who had the opportunity to mark the transition; the player with the opportunity to score the transition is in charge of the ball (or a pass has been thrown to him); and if the foul deprives his team of a scoring chance.

The penalty for a clear lane foul is the awarding of two free throws and possession to the offensive team.

In FIBA ​​basketball, a similar violation of the rules is sanctioned with an unsportsmanlike foul. It is valid when it is judged that no legitimate play on the ball was evident, including late game foul situations to stop the clock and fouls to intentionally prevent a counter-attack.

Such a foul awards the team that was fouled two free throws and possession.

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