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Earlier this week, G League Ignite announced that London Johnson will sign a two-year contract with the team, in order to prepare for the 2024 NBA draft. Originally rated as a four-star recruit in the high school class of 2023 by the Most recruiting departments, Johnson had a productive career both at the high school level for Norcross in Georgia and in FIBA ​​competitions representing Jamaica.

As the G League season approaches, it’s time to dive into the tape and see what Johnson can bring to Ignite and what he can do to improve his draft stock ahead of the 2024 NBA Draft. .

Scouting Overview

Johnson has great physical tools for a guard. Listed at 6-foot-4 and having long legs and arms, Johnson uses his height difference to physically impose himself against shorter guards.

Although Johnson is not extremely explosive, he has a combination of sneakiness, body control and fluidity at his waist that allows him to reach his points on the floor with relative ease. This is particularly evident as a driver, where he uses a number of effective crossovers and changes of direction to avoid defenders on his way to the rim. Johnson is extremely comfortable moving through tight spaces and dribbling the ball in traffic, being able to seamlessly transition from one movement to another.

Its length also helps it as a finisher, as it is able to dodge rim protectors and finish in awkward and awkward angles with its extension. His moments as a finisher away from the rim are even more impressive, as he showed a solid ability to use floaters. This will be a key for him for the next level of competition, as he will need to become consistent and versatile with his finishing yards from the rim to make up for his lack of elite vertical explosiveness.

This ability to manage the ball in traffic and create his own drives allows Johnson to draw in defenders for help, which opens up multiple passing lanes for him every time he drives. Johnson is able to capitalize in these situations with simple driving and kicking passes, being extremely responsive on the move.

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His shooting, however, might be the most appealing aspect of his NBA projection. Johnson has everything you’re looking for to take shooter gaming to the next level. The numbers are there, as he has converted 48.6% of his three-point attempts between FIBA ​​and high school competitions according to Cerebro Sports, but his shooting repertoire is even more impressive. Johnson displays an ability to convert shots out of motion and against heavy defensive pressure almost every game, showing refined mechanics and an impressive level of shooting touch.

Defensively, while not always tasked with defending the opposing team’s best perimeter player, Johnson makes an impact off the ball with his height and length, being particularly effective at sneaking into the passing lanes for flights and diversions.

NBA Questions and Projections

Johnson has an intriguing profile as an NBA-sized scoring guard. His all-around shooting ability should allow him to add offensive value almost from day one and although he’s not the most explosive athlete, he should make an impact as a driver with his combination of touch and his ability to move through traffic with the ball in his hands.

The big area for improvement will be his passing in half-court situations and his ability to execute sets. Johnson is playing more like a secondary starter who can switch on the move than someone who has been tasked with running a full-time offense. If he’s going to develop as an attacking engine, I can’t think of a better context than a stacked G League Ignite roster, where he’ll likely be asked to play more of a facilitator role given the number of talented scorers. they already have on the list.

While Johnson’s multi-level scoring potential is impressive, his development as a passer would add another dimension to his game and give his draft stock a huge boost. Players who can make plays for others while still delivering a level of scoring seriousness are always sought after by NBA teams. As such, if he continues to develop as a passer, it would be hard to see many NBA teams pass on Johnson by the time the 2024 draft rolls around.

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