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Zachary Risacher

Wing | France

Height: 6’8″ | Weight: 204 lbs.

2024 Draft Age: 19.21

Prospect profile

As NBA scouts follow this season of French basketball with particular interest, an interesting development continues to present itself.

After making a name for himself at the start of the season in the French Espoirs U21 league while playing with four years of age, ASVEL decided to grant regular minutes to Zaccharie Risacher with the senior team, during a Euroleague match against Baskonia, nothing less. Risacher did extremely well in those minutes, going 2 for 5 from the field, with five points, six rebounds and one assist in 21 minutes of play.

Risacher, born in 2005, has made a name for himself over the past two years in different events, including a productive performance in France’s bronze medal performance at the FIBA ​​U17 Basketball World Cup last summer. , where he showed off his versatility and double-mindedness. impact averaging 10.4 points, 4.4 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.1 blocks per game on a 66.4% effective True Shooting.

Still not eligible for the draft until 2024, here are some of the reasons why Risacher should be one of the top-ranked international prospects going into this draft cycle.

Standing at 6ft 8in with long arms, Risacher uses his tools extremely well in order to impact both ends of the floor as his combination of height, length and standing reach helps him contest shots, to finish at the rim and bounce the basketball. Despite having the height and length of a striker, Risacher moves more like a wing, being quick, coordinated, and extremely fluid for his size.

Although he has a lean frame that allows him to adapt better to perimeter players than true centers, Risacher has a high level of awareness when near the rim, allowing him to turn for the blocks, defensive rebounds and just being a disruptive presence. to break up play in the paint.

In the perimeter, he does his best to stay in front of opponents, using his size and lateral mobility to smother smaller ball carriers and to stay ahead of drivers all the way to the edge.

While he needs to improve on some aspects of his defensive technique (such as being too straight in his position as a perimeter defender), his ability to make plays both as an on and off the ball defender, combined to his optimal tools are all good indicators of his potential as a multi-position defender who can create defensive events such as interceptions, blocks and deflections at multiple levels of the pitch.

Risacher attempted nearly 300 three-point shots in multiple competitions, making over 32% of them. Beyond the numbers though, there’s a more impressive aspect which is versatility, as he’s able to convert shots into motion at an impressive rate considering his size and age.

With his ability to set up and shoot quickly, Risacher is effective on shots that require him to move or catch up on the run. This allows him to shoot off screens and against heavy defensive pressure. His most impressive moments, however, come in the dribbling, where he is able to use his combination of size, fluidity and footwork to create his own perimeter shot and drop onto smaller defenders.

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Continuing to become more consistent will be key for Risacher in this area, as well as making his shot more repeatable. He’s still prone to not holding a proper follow through at times, causing him to miss long or short shots. Given the versatility of his shooting, it’s easy to imagine him becoming a solid shooter at the next level of competition with enough reps under his belt.

Risacher’s big limitation has been his lack of ability to create his own drives against a set defense. The French prospect is certainly fluid for his size and shows some dribbling movement, but he’s not exactly quick or explosive enough to beat defenders one-on-one and so far in his career he has rarely been put in situations where he is assisted by screens. as a driver.

With the ball in his hands, Risacher does very well in situational slashes, as his shooting ability allows him to draw tough closes which he exploits, being quick with the ball in his hands. His edge finishing ability is impressive, as he is able to use his combination of length and hang time to finish around the basket, achieving great extension finishes and converting layups against contact and at awkward angles .

Given his level of touch and fluidity, there is clearly untapped potential in this area and he has shown flashes of advanced finishing with floaters and other long-range layups. It will be interesting to see how well ASVEL puts him in situations where he is able to exploit his above-average fluidity for his size, going up against slower and bigger attackers on the rebound.

Risacher has nearly two full seasons ahead of him before being draft eligible, but he’s already showing some intriguing aspects that could make him a lottery pick in 2024. If he continues to shoot the ball at his current clip, the prospect of a wing with great tools who can shoot the ball with versatility and play multiple positions in defense make him a pretty high 3 and D prospect who is able to mix in some cut-off moments on the fences.

Risacher’s cap might just hinge on his ability to develop as an on-ball creator; if he takes the leap and becomes someone who is able to create drives consistently against a set defense, you would have a multi-tiered scoring wing who is also capable of defending multiple positions: an extremely valuable archetype at level of the NBA.

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Potential first-round pick in the 2024 NBA draft.

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