NBA players who have Kobe tattoos

Two years after his tragic passing, Kobe Bryant remains a strong influence on many NBA players, and his spirit lives on. One of the ways players commemorate Kobe is with their Kobe-inspired tattoos.

Devin Booker’s “Be Legendary” tattoo

Many see the similarities between Devin Booker and Kobe. Both play in the same position and have proven to be clutch when needed. In 2016, during Bryant’s farewell tour, he signed Devin’s shoes with a “Be Legendary” message after their match. It was a challenge from an all-time great for Book to become legendary in his own right. The Suns star tattooed the same message on his hand as a tribute and a reminder of why he does what he does.

LeBron James: Mamba 4 Life Tattoo

The careers of Kobe Bryant and LeBron will forever be linked. The debate over who is the greatest of all time will never end, but in reality, the two contestants were closer than people thought. When James went to the Lakers, some people thought it was like taking over Kobe’s beloved franchise, continuing his legacy and bringing the team back to the promised land once again. James achieved his goal of winning a title in 2020, but sadly Kobe didn’t witness the feat.

LeBron James tattooed Mamba 4 Life as a tribute to his friend. The design features a snake, roses and the numbers 8 and 24 with the Mamba 4 Life texts.

Jordan Clarkson

Jordan Clarkson and Kobe played together for only a few years, but his impact on JC’s career was so massive that the Utah Jazz guard decided to honor The Black Mamba with a tattoo. The design features a snake and the two players side by side with their arms around each other. The bond created between JC and Kobe is proof that friendship does not depend on the time spent together but on the value of each moment.

Anthony Davis with the Kobe Bryant logo

Anthony Davis and Kobe were never teammates for the Los Angeles Lakers, but the two teamed up with Team USA at the 2012 FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup where they won the title. As a tribute to Kobe, Davis tattooed Bryant’s iconic logo on his thigh.

AD offered a simple explanation when asked why he decided to have one.

“All of my tattoos are something special. I don’t have meaningless tattoos, so knowing how much Kobe meant to me, I felt like, the impact he had on my life and my basketball career, I felt like it was right for me to get a tattoo to remember him.

Anthony Davis, Atletic

Bryant may not be here with us anymore, but he lives in the players’ lives with their tattoos. Kobe continues to inspire and push his friends, fans and family to be the best version of themselves because that’s what Kobe would have wanted if he were still alive.

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