No. 44 favorite Hoosier? Picking Indiana’s Favorite Basketball Players, One Number at a Time

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Welcome to our summer series where Hoosier basketball fans can vote for their favorite Indiana players to wear each number. Today, we resume with all the best to wear the number 44.

Favorite Hoosier?

Each day we’re going to give you four picks along with a short player bio to choose your favorite Hoosier who wore a certain number.

Here are your four No. 44 jersey picks in alphabetical order so we don’t show bias. Be sure to take the poll below via Twitter.

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Alan Henderson (1991-95)

Indianapolis forward Alan Henderson averaged 23.5 points in his senior season, the highest single-season average of any player in former coach Bob Knight’s 29-year tenure.

Not only was Henderson a seventh-ranked shooter all-time with 1,979 points, but his rebounding skills were tremendous as he led the Hoosiers in the boards for all four years and finished with a grand total of 1. 091, the most of any player in program history. .

His individual accomplishments contributed to four NCAA Tournament appearances during Henderson’s time at Indiana, including a Final Four run against Duke in 1992, a 1993 Elite Eight appearance against Kansas, a 1994 Sweet 16 game against Boston College, and a in the first round the following season. off.

Henderson was selected as the 16th pick in the NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks after college. He also worked with the Dallas Mavericks, Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers before retiring in 2007.

Alan Henderson

Joe Hillman (1984-89)

Guard Joe Hillman of Glendale, Calif., was the first player west of the Mississippi River to be drafted by Coach Knight.

Hillman saw action in his first season, but Knight decided to give him a redshirt in the 1985-86 season. Hillman returned the following year just in time to make the 1987 NCAA championship team when Indiana beat Syracuse by one point.

In addition to pitching, Hillman was also an excellent baseball player and was drafted 25th overall by the Oakland A’s in the 1988 MLB Draft. He reported to the team’s A affiliate, the Southern Oregon A’s in the 1988 season.

After hitting .310, Hillman decided to return to Indiana for his final basketball season where he became a key player and captain averaging 12.6 points per game. Those improved stats helped the Hoosiers earn a Big Ten regular-season championship capped by a Sweet 16 appearance against Seton Hall.

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Joe Hillman

Joe Hillman

Phil Isenbarger (1977-81)

Muncie, Indiana native Phil Isenbarger wasn’t one to load the stat sheet but was still key for the Hoosiers as they qualified for the NCAA Tournament three times with Isenbarger and won the NIT 1979 against Purdue by one point.

During his senior season, the forward was co-captain of the 1981 NCAA Tournament Championship team that defeated second seed North Carolina 63-50.

During Isenbarger’s time as Hoosier, Indiana also won two consecutive Big Ten championships prior to Isenbarger’s graduation.

Phil Isenbarger

Phil Isenbarger

Joby Wright (1969-72)

From Savannah, Georgia, Joby Wright ranks 32nd on Indiana’s all-time leading scorers list with 1,272 total points. The forward also tallied 642 rebounds in his college career.

In his freshman season, Wright averaged 14.7 points per game, which ranked second on the team and also finished second in rebounds.

The following year he continued to outdo himself averaging 17.6 points per game, then in his final season he led the Hoosiers with 19.9 points.

Wright was coached by Lou Watson for two seasons before Knight took over in the 1971-72 season. That season, Wright was named captain and earned All-Big Ten honors by ending his Hoosiers career with an NIT appearance.

Joby Wright

Joby Wright

No. 44 all-time in Indiana

Here are all the players who have worn No. 44 at Indiana:

  • Jeremiah April — (2014-15)
  • Luke Fischer — (2013-14)
  • Kyle Taber — (2004-09)
  • Jessan Gray Ashley — (2003-04)
  • Lynn Washington — (1998-00)
  • Alan Henderson — (1991-95)
  • Joe Hillman — (1984-89)
  • Rick Rowray — (1981-82)
  • Phil Isenbarger — (1977-81)
  • Derek Holcomb — (1976-77)
  • Joby Wright — (1969-72)
  • Count Schneider — (1966-69)
  • Steve Redenbaugh — (1962-65)
  • Bob Wilkinson — (1957-60)
  • Choice Wallace — (1953-56)

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