Rwanda: Fiba Africa Zone Three Boss Tips Reg to Win Playoffs

FIBA Africa Zone Three President Sam Ahmedu has offered Rwanda Energy Group (REG) or Zamalek to win the next Basketball Africa League qualifiers scheduled for later this month in Kigali, Rwanda.

Ahmedu thinks both teams are great and one of them can win the competition to be held at Kigali Arena.

“Comparing the teams from the two conferences, I think Rwanda Energy Group, which participated in the Sahara Conference in Senegal and won it, is more likely to win,” Colonel Ahmedu told Voice of America.

“My two teams to win the title are Rwanda Energy Group as well as Zamalek which is a veteran club.”

The FIBA ​​Africa Zone boss further reiterated that all matches in the competition will be exciting considering what happened in the qualifying rounds.

“The final rounds of basketball promise to be very exciting. All teams are ready for competition judging by the qualifying rounds. There are few surprises, there are new teams that are good for the game. Game.”

“New teams such as Cape Town Tigers of South Africa, Seydou Legacy Athletic Club and FAB have emerged. Congratulations to FIBA ​​Africa and the NBA for hosting this very exciting competition to further the growth of basketball in Africa,” he added.

The eight teams that will fight for supremacy in the competition are Rwanda Energy Group, Petro de Luanda, Zamalek, Cape Town Tigers, Armed Forces and Police Basketball (FAP), US Monastir and AS Sale.

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