Sixers’ Furkan Korkmaz ejected then attacked in FIBA

The Philadelphia 76ers have had a splash of offseason news in free agency, but since then it’s been relatively quiet news-wise for the Sixers. However, just because the NBA is inactive doesn’t mean there isn’t other basketball being played in the world.

FIBA basketball is currently taking place in Europe and that means Furkan Korkmaz is playing for his home country Turkey. It would be nice to get into an analysis of his game, but other news dominates the title which involves ejections and a brawl.

The Sixers winger is caught up in a fight after being ejected from FIBA ​​play.

Let’s start with the ejection. The clip below shows why Korkmaz was ejected during a game against the country of Georgia.

Based on the clip, there was a conversation that followed. Korkmaz had this to say about the ejection, this quote was provided by Adam Herman of Yahoo Sports.

“First he started talking to me (censored), I’m no one to talk (censored) in my face. I won’t let that happen. As part of the game, he’s going to say something and you’re going to say something back. I reacted as a human being, as a man, I just showed a reaction.

After being ejected, Korkmaz was attacked in the locker room by three Georgia players, including Indiana Pacers big man Goga Bitadze, by Ismail Senol of beIN Sports. This could be handled at the NBA level now that it involves two NBA players.

The good news is that it appears Korkmaz is fine as he was seen shooting after the incident, according to Sergen Hasan Kumas of Her Sey NBA. That should put Sixers fans at ease. It should also help fans who had reservations about him before the season with him showing a new level of toughness that he hasn’t shown in the past.

This can be fuel that Korkmaz can use going into this season and I hope the NBA as well as FIBA ​​take action to punish those involved in this attack on the Sixers wing.

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