The most betting basketball players in the United States

The best online casinos in the United States attract millions of players who like to take risks and win potential winnings at home. Among these players, there are also many athletes. Their competitive nature often brings them to an online casino in the United States. However, the desire to win is reserved for the best US online casinos and other players they like to bet against. This article will review the most popular NBA players who love to play. The list includes:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Charles Barkley
  • Charles Oakley
  • Anthony Walker
  • Allen Iverson

While many other stars love the game, these guys have been spotted numerous times at various casinos across the United States.

Michael Jordan

One player who frequents US online casinos is Michael Jordan. He is the most popular basketball player who is passionate about the game. While many other NBA players knew about his hobby, the general public learned more about it from his documentary, The Last Dance. It quickly became apparent that the NBA star loved betting with other players. He even bet on a game of rock, paper, scissors. These days he’s probably a player in a American online casino, if not several of them. His gambling history would not be so interesting as many people like to gamble, but the amount of money used in his betting has caused a lot of heat in the eyes of the public.

Charles Barkley

Given the player’s gambling history, it is almost certain that he enjoys the best US online casinos. Charles Barkley is famous for his outstanding basketball career and his name’s mentions in the headlines many times for his gambling adventures. The player has shared his passion for the game in multiple interviews over the years. He is the only player who openly admits he will never quit because he loves the hobby. Also, it seems like it hasn’t drastically affected his net worth, which still sits at over $40 million. What is impressive is that he bet over $15 million. One of the ways he controlled this habit was to bet less money. He no longer places $1 million bets. All of his bets are in the range of hundreds and thousands of dollars. Although this may seem like a lot, it is a normal sum for many visitors to online casinos in the United States.

Charles Oakley

Even though Oakley loves its gambling adventures in physical locations, it is now probably one of the top online casinos in the United States. The former NBA player is very competitive in the casino. He will do everything he can to win, even secretly withdraw his chips when he sees that he is going to use. However, he is a man of his word. If you make a bet with him and win, he will pay. He expects the same from other players who bet with him. He is known for his scandal with Tyrone Hill, who refused to pay the $54,000 bet. Oakley argued with Tyrone over the bet. He managed to win his winnings, despite being fined by the NBA. The player now rarely visits the best American casinos, but he still manages to bet here and there.

picture by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Anthony Walker

Antoine Walker is a former NBA player with a great passion for the game. Throughout his career, he has made several million dollar bets. Some of his favorite games are blackjack and poker. However, he probably spins a few slots from time to time as they are readily available in online casinos for US players. While many would say the game caused the player financial problems, as he admitted, there are other culprits. He started several failed business ventures and one of the biggest challenges was the real estate market crash of 2007-2008 which hit his real estate investments hard.

Allen Iverson

Allen is another NBA star who lived a lavish lifestyle before spending almost all of his fortune. Among expensive cars and jewelry, the gambler also enjoyed spending time in casinos. He still has a high income today, which he surely enjoys playing in the best US online casinos. The player likes all casino games but also bets. He is close to the betting industry as he promotes a gaming industry brand here in the United States.

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