Top 10 Greatest NCAA College Basketball Players Of All Time

Everyone is drawn to the NCAA tournament because of its zest for life and intense emotions. Exceptional players who have the potential to become household names in the NBA also start their careers there. An element that attracts the public is the presence of young players. A player will have a better starting point later if his college career has been successful.

This ranking is based on a variety of things. We look at each player’s accomplishments throughout college basketball history. Other important factors include wins like NCAA/ACC Player of the Year, Big Ten Championship, or National Championship. The best college basketball players of all time are listed below.

10. Elvin Hayes-Houston (1966-1968)

In 1966, Elvin Hayes became Houston’s first African-American basketball player. Over the next two seasons, he led the team to the Final Four. His stats are remarkable. He has eight games with 25 points and five games with 20 rebounds in the NCAA Tournament. These figures are comparable to the illustrious Bill Russell and Jerry West.

9. Magic Johnson – Michigan State (1978-1979)

After just two seasons in the NCAA with the Michigan State team, Earvin “Magic” Johnson shot to fame and started playing professionally. This rapid development served as an example for later college basketball cultures. With the Spartans, point guard Johnson had two excellent seasons, including his second. In 1979, he guided an average college basketball team to victory over the Sycamores in the national championship game.

8. Larry Bird – Indiana State (1977-1979)

In addition to being referred to by the intriguing nickname “Hick from French Lick”, Larry Bird has been a true superstar since his freshman year. Through his involvement, Sycamores felt they had achieved the ultimate goal of making the NCAA Championship Game. Unfortunately, the former Hoosiers’ brand of play goes against Bobby Knight’s instructions. Bird can find what she’s looking for in the state of Indiana.

7. Wilt Chamberlain – Kansas (1956-1958)

Wilt Chamberlain dominated the NCAA Tournament early on, posting stats no one could have predicted for a rookie. He had a total of 52 points and 31 rebounds in his first game against Kansas. To reach the national championship game, Chamberlain overcame racism and talent skepticism. He is still “cared for” with extreme caution by their rival state of North Carolina.

6. Jerry West – West Virginia (1957-1960)

Jerry West, who leads the team in scoring, comes from West Virginia. Apart from having the famous NBA tournament outline, it also has a commendable game stat. While playing for the Mountaineers in the NCAA Tournament, West averaged 25 points and 13 rebounds. In a 1959 game against Berkeley, he came dangerously close to winning the national championship. They led by six points at halftime, but in the closing seconds they lost 71-70.

5. Oscar Robertson – Cincinnati (1957-1960)

The Big O has consistently produced outstanding results, living up to its nickname. In his time at the college level, Oscar Robertson averaged 15 rebounds and 7 assists. Robertson also averaged 34 points in each game. Big O won three Consensus National Player of the Year awards while facing Cincinnati in three seasons. We already know his outstanding playing ability from that.

4. Bill Walton–UCLA (1971-1974)

Few college basketball teams can surpass UCLA’s accomplishments in the NCAA Tournament, making them a truly great empire. This NCAA tournament team is creatively led by a renowned head coach and boasts a solid roster of players. Bill Walton was one of the Bruins’ iconic figures at the time. He is one of the best passing centers in NCAA history.

3. Bill Russell – San Francisco (1953-1956)

Bill Russell deserves to be in third place on the list because of his accomplishments. This reliable center has established himself as a bulwark for any team since his rookie year. A season ago there were a lot of outstanding players, but then there was a drop in performance. What sets Russell apart is his ability to maintain his strength throughout the NCAA Tournament.

2. Pete Maravich—LSU (1968-1970)

“Pistol” Pete Maravich is ranked second among the greatest college basketball players of all time. Maravich averaged 44.2 points per game throughout his time playing college basketball. His throws are incredibly accurate and fast, living up to his name. You should also know that the three-point line is not visible at the moment.

1. Lew Alcindor – UCLA (1967-1969)

Lew Alcindor is the hero of the UCLA team and left an illustrious legacy for this NCAA team. He is fully capable of becoming the greatest college basketball player in history.

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