Top 10 most popular basketball player accounts on Instagram

Photo: Los Angeles Lakers/Twitter

Basketball is a game of skill, but it must also be enjoyed. On social media, basketball players find their way to glory on another stage. Instagram is a great way not only to interact with players, but also to see a bit of their reality, instead of only knowing their game and their level of play.

There’s so much more to life than just playing basketball for these guys and IG gives you a window into what’s left after basketball. Sure, you can see some of the b-ball game and insight, but it’s good to remember that they’re real people too.

Check out these 10 most popular basketball players to follow on Instagram.

How do athletes impact the GI?

Before we dig into these successful accounts, let’s talk about how they made a name for themselves. You see, just having a name the world recognizes doesn’t automatically get you followers. While that certainly helps, that’s not the whole story.

Additionally, these players need to be able to attract people to check out their content as well. A solution that some people turn to is to simply buy 20 Instagram likes because this resource can help you get that initial pull and get content off the ground to get it seen.

After all, visibility is needed to gain visibility. Once you launch it, more and more people will see, like, share, etc.

Now let’s look at these basketball players.

1. LeBron James @kingjames

LeBron James holds the spot of the most followed basketball player on IG and there is no doubt why. This superstar is incredibly popular not only for his place on the Lakers, but also for what he contributes to society in various ways.

LeBron takes a stand for the world, shares his opinions and is also known for entertainment. In fact, he has more likes than the NBA account, and he is the only player to beat the NBA IG when it comes to likes.

LeBron faces the same challenges as anyone else when it comes to Instagram rules and features. However, her celebrity status and the people who help her manage her social media certainly make a difference.

2. Steph Curry @stephencurry30

Stephen Curry shares real life a lot on his social media. You see his family, his own history, and his love for basketball, all portrayed with perfect clarity on his account. It’s about sharing the laughs, sharing the wins, and keeping it real.

Where some athletes may at times feel they are above the rules or become vulgar in their interactions, that never happens here. Instead, it keeps it wholesome but also exciting and appealing.

On IG, he launched a mini-series called Stephen vs the Game, and it gives you some insight into his life and background leading up to his career. He clearly loves his family and tries to keep things clean.

3. Russell Westbrook @russwest44

Then we have Russell Westbrook, who plays alongside LeBron on the Lakers. His profile contains the phrase “WHY NOT?” as the first thing you see and you get an idea of ​​his drive and humor by looking at his profile picture.

Russell shares some idea of ​​who he is, but also contributes model-like photos for the enjoyment of viewers around the world. He takes a stand to honor your gift. It also has a funny side, which is where Why Not comes in with its pop-up comedy shows.

4. Kyrie Irving @andrei-de-guzmankyrieirving

Kyrie Irving is not your everyday star. He plays for the Brooklyn Nets, keeping it real from his roots. It has made a name for itself in various ways and continues to grow. He has a major talent, despite recent negative media in his name.

This young man shares real life and takes a stand to give back to the community in the process. He has recently published numerous articles highlighting his love life and sharing life as he knows it. It’s real and raw.

5. Kevin Durant @EasyMoneySniper

You might be surprised to find Kevin Durant so far down the list, but for him, it’s not always about chasing glory. Kevin also plays for the Nets, but he’s also played for other teams along the way. In recent news, he joined Patrick Mahomes for cultural leadership, paving the way for others there.

Kevin shares a bit of real life, inspiration, and family as part of his IG approach.

6. James Harden @jharden13

James Harden of the 76ers is next on our list. He’s a fan favorite for his beard, wild sense of humor, and desire to give back in so many ways. He has a reputation for being just a little crazy, and it goes back to his humorous side, which is why so many people can relate to him.

He shares some of his modeling sessions, real-life entertainment, and many goofy characters you see across the board.

7. Chris Paul @cp3

Chris Paul plays for the Suns these days and has been nicknamed The Point God because he is always shooting and making three point shots. It’s no wonder Chris was voted All-Star at least nine times. He works hard and deserves it.

Chris also makes a statement to his family and the people around him.

8. Lonzo Ball @zo

Lonzo keeps his IG as real as possible. You can see his love for his family and his wife. He takes photos and videos with his daughter and has no shame in sharing them with the world. Pair that with some basketball and you have a win for the world.

9. Damien Lillard @damianlillard

Damian Lillard has overcome a lot in his life. Its mission is to make people understand that people have the capacity to overcome. He tells us to stop looking at the past and become the leaders of the future. His inspiration and encouragement easily draw people to him.

10. Giannis Antetokounmpo @giannis_an34

If you want a beloved basketball star who deserves to be in the spotlight, this one’s for you. People love Giannis wherever he goes and you can see his passion and enthusiasm for the game and for life. He wants to create a legacy in his father’s name, and he does it well. Giannis shares a lot of basketball and experience, as well as a bit of real life.

Bring you to the IG table

The one thing you’ll notice is consistent with these players is that they don’t hide real life from the world. Their lives are heavily surrounded by basketball, but they clearly show that there is more to life too.

You see families, contributions, community involvement and giving back in so many ways. When it comes to make a name for yourself on IG, bringing a sense of yourself is what matters most. Stay realistic and show the world what you might have to offer.

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