USC Basketball players heading to Pac-12 Media Day finally revealed

USC Basketballthe season is fast approaching (in just over two weeks), and Pac-12 Media Day Tours are about to take place. The Pac-12 media day will take place on October 26 and the two players as well as head coach Andy Enfield will have been announced. These two will be the two starting guards in Drew Peterson and boogie ellis.

SC goes with a two-guard system which will be facilitated by both guards. This is largely due to the fact that USC can have their best player in Peterson able to handle the ball early in possessions often, but also the reality that they can have Ellis take the ball and hand it to Peterson in different spots on the floor so he can take advantage of the kind of versatile goalscorer he can be.

Not only does Peterson shoot 41.2 percent from deep back, but he’s also 6-8. With Ellis taking the ball the other half of the time, this will set up Peterson to get easy buckets in different spots on the floor. Ellis is a good point guard – and an honorable mention All-Pac 12 last year.

For him to hand Peterson the stone as he picks his places to exploit the defense as a goalscorer is a dream come true. Especially when Peterson, again, is also going to be able to take the ball and facilitate the attack himself on the other half or so of possessions. Most of the questions asked during Media Day may very well be about the system that is important to these two guards and their dynamics.

Pac-12 Media Day — where Drew Peterson and Boogie Ellis will represent USC Basketball — will take place in San Francisco. As for the quality of the duo, they are both All-Pac 12 first-team contenders this year. Peterson even got the green light Last year. He got the nod due to a season where he shot 46.7 percent from the field and averaged 12.4 points per game with 6.2 rebounds per game as a combo guard.

As for Ellis, he shot a brilliant 41.7/37.6/79.8 en route to 12.5 points per game. He is also a very good player who SC was very happy to have back. Both guys will be working to improve their games where they can play in the NBA this year.

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These are USC’s best shots among older players this year, and they’ll be locked down once Media Day kicks off. Pac-12 Media Day is always a reminder of how quickly the season is approaching.

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