Who are the best basketball players in the Tigers football team? – Athleticism

CLEMSON, SC — Shortly after the Clemson football team signed its 2019 recruiting class, a group that ranked 10th nationally and first in the ACC, the Tigers’ upperclassmen wasted no time in starting to scout their new teammates.

Of course, returning Clemson players were curious about the coverage skills of five-star cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. or the route of four-star wide receiver Joseph Ngata.

But what they really wanted to know about their new teammates had far more serious implications.

“The big thing here is this intramural basketball. It’s huge,” head coach Dabo Swinney said at the time. “Like, these rookies, nobody really cares what they do on the football field. What (returning players) really care about – what really excites them – is who they are going to put in their intramural basketball team.

Clemson’s football team has a history of fielding basketball’s best players, whether it’s former wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins playing both sports for the Tigers from 2010-11 or the former wide receiver Tee Higgins who literally shoved another Clemson student into the intramural.

It makes sense that the Tigers have recruited a few players over the years, given the overlap between football and basketball and Swinney’s affinity for athletes with multi-sport backgrounds.

So, what about the 2022 team?

Inspired by my colleague, Colton Pouncy, who covers Michigan State for The Athletic, I asked a handful of people in and around the program about the top basketball players on Clemson’s football roster in honor of March Madness. from this week.

The Tigers may have had more obvious basketball players in the past, but the 2022 roster still has plenty of options – even if we have a bit of a height issue at center.

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