Wild NBA 2K23 bug sees cameraman attacking basketball players

Posted: 2022-10-07T17:10:03

Updated: 2022-10-07T17:10:32

An NBA 2K23 player recently shared gameplay footage showing a cameraman running into or assaulting his player.

NBA 2K23 launched several weeks ago, but not all fans of the long-running series have enjoyed their experience yet.

Low VC payouts for challenges and other activities have been a particular ire among players since launch. And it doesn’t help that upgrading MyPlayer characters seems more expensive than in previous entries.

But players have found humor in some of the other issues plaguing NBA 2K23. For example, a weird glitch sees a player trapped in the hoop, spinning like a top.

This NBA 2K23 Cameraman Doesn’t Understand Boundaries

A gameplay video from a Reddit user PeppermintAero shows a cameraman meeting a player on the pitch.

It doesn’t look like a harmless boost either. The camera operator hits the player so hard that they fall to the ground.

Too bad the umpires can’t call out non-players because that’s nothing if not a clear violation of sportsmanship.

Of course, other Redditors laugh at the clip. “Flops better [than] Harden,” one person wrote in the thread. Another joked that the NBA 2K23 cameraman was just trying to “give them good angles.”

Whatever’s going on, it’s safe to say that NBA 2K players may want to start watching out for rogue cameramen.

However, many gamers would say that not all of NBA 2K23’s glitches are a laughing matter. Some of the lingering issues continue to disrupt the instant action.

Notably, complaints about spam theft, expensive microtransactions, and broken challenge rewards crop up from time to time.

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