World’s Greatest Basketball Players (WNBA)

It may not be out of place to count the greatest basketball players in the world as part of the wonders of the world. Very tall female basketball players are often a shock to many, unlike their male counterparts.

Over the years, however, the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) has registered some of the tallest women in the world as part of the association. After highlighting the greatest NBA players (male category), RNN will further highlight the greatest WNBA players to walk the earth.

Who is the greatest basketball player of all time?

The greatest WNBA player of all time is Małgorzata Dydek (popularly known as Margo Dydek). Dydek was a Polish-born professional basketball player. She was a center for various teams during her life before becoming a coach. She was 7’2 feet (2.18 m) tall.

Now let’s take a look at the greatest WNBA players on our top 10 list!

Top 10 greatest female basketball players of all time

10. Caroline Moos

Height – 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)

Carolyn Moos is known to be a Miami Sol player of the WNBA. Previously, she won a gold medal playing for her country, the United States, at the Junior Olympics in Brazil.

After earning her BA from Stanford University, she lived in France where she played professional basketball. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • 1997 Nike/WBCA All America
  • 2000 Honorable Mention All-Pac-10
  • 1997 Central Gatorade Region Player of the Year
  • 1997 Naismith National Player of the Year Finalist
  • 1996 Associated Press Minnesota Player of the Year

9. Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles

    Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles - World's Greatest Basketball Players

Height- 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)

Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles (born October 6, 1985) is a 36-year-old former American professional basketball player. During her WNBA career, she played for the Chicago Sky and the Minnesota Lynx. Fowles is popular for leading the Lynx to win the WNBA championship in 2015 and 2017. In 2020, she passed Rebekkah Brunson to become the reigning WNBA career rebound leader.

Some of his awards and honorable mentions include:

  • 2005 SEC Sixth Woman of the Year
  • 2010 WNBA All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award
  • 2010–11 EuroLeague Women’s All-Star MVP Award
  • 2011, 2013, 2016 – WNBA Defensive Player of the Year
  • 2021: The W25 (top 25 WNBA players of all time)

8. Kara Wolters Drinan

Kara Walters - 8th tallest basketball player in the world

Height – 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)

Kara Wolters was an American college and professional basketball player who was active in the game from 1997 to 2003. Standing over 2m tall, Wolters is the eighth tallest female basketball player of all time. In the history of University of Connecticut women’s basketball, Kara Wolters is still the greatest player of all time.

During her career, she was NCAA national champion in 1995, WNBA champion in 1999 and FIBA ​​world champion in 1998. Wolters is not only one of the greatest, but she was also the best in her game with several honors and awards to her name. She was inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Here are some other awards/honours the retired athlete has won.

  • Gold Medal: 2000 Summer Olympics 2000.
  • Gold Medal: 1999 US Olympic Cup.
  • Gold medal: 1998 World Championship.
  • Gold Medal: 1997 World University Games.
  • Gold Medal: 1996 R. William Jones Cup.
  • She was the only middle schooler named to the United States World Championship team to win the bronze medal in 1994.

7. Katharen Ruth “Katie” Mattera

Katharen Ruth

Height – 6 ft 7.5 in (2.02 m)

39-year-old Katharen Ruth Mattera may not have ambiguous records like some other female basketball players on this list, however, she still maintains 7th place on the WNBA’s Greatest Players of All-Time list. No one has yet succeeded in beating their record!

Mattera is an American former WNBA player who is now a college basketball coach in her country. She was a center player at the Connecticut Sun from 2005 to 2009. She has also played for other teams such as San Antonio Silver Stars, Detroit Shock, Atlanta Dream, San Antonio Silver Stars, and Chicago Sky.

She is currently an assistant women’s basketball coach at Liberty University.

6. Lindsay Corine Taylor

Lindsay Taylor - The tallest basketball players in the worldHeight – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)

Lindsay Corine Taylor is an American-born professional basketball player. She has played in several associations like WNBA, KBSL, LFB, WKBL, WCBA, Polish Women’s League and Angola Women’s Basketball League.

Taylor played at center and was usually the tallest on the team. The professional and experienced player has also made a name for herself playing in Europe and Asia, notably in the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA).

Taylor retired from professional basketball in 2015 and became an assistant basketball coach at Hamilton High School. She is currently the 6th tallest basketball player in the world.

5. Britney Griner

Brittney Griner - Top 10 Tallest WNBA Players in the World

Height – 6 ft 8 in (203 cm)

Brittney Griner is an American professional basketball player for the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury. Along with being one of the greatest WNBA players in the world right now, Griner is the first and only NCAA basketball player to score 2,000 points and block 500 shots. She is one of 11 female stars to have received an Olympic gold medal, an NCAA championship, a WNBA championship and a FIBA ​​World Cup gold medal.

In 2009, Griner was named the No. 1 female high school basketball player in America, as named by In 2012, she received the Best Female ESPY Athlete Award, and in 2013, the player signed a sponsorship deal with Nike. She is currently imprisoned in Russia.

4. Elizabeth “Liz” Cambage

Elizabeth Cambage - The greatest basketball players in history

Height – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)

Elizabeth Folake Cambage is an Australian professional basketball player who has a gold medal to her name. She holds a current title as the player with the WNBA single game scoring record. Cambage achieved that feat with a 53-point performance against the New York Liberty in July 2018.

She last played for the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. Between 2009 and 2021, Cambage played for the Australian national team, the Opals. For the team, she won a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, a silver medal at the 2018 World Cup and a bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics. Cambage is fourth on the list of the greatest basketball players in the world.

3. Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova

maria alexandrovna stepanova - The tallest women in WNBA history

Height – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)

Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova is a Russian professional basketball player who played for Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) in the United States.

Stepanova was the tallest member of the Russian national team until she was overtaken by Ekaterina Lisina. Surprisingly, the professional player wears size 15 (US) / 48 (EU) shoes. Some of his accolades include:

  • Honored as the master of sports of Russia.
  • Medal of the Order “For Merit of the Fatherland”, 1st class (August 2, 2009).
  • 3 times FIBA ​​Europe Player of the Year (2005, 2006, 2008)

Stepanova is third on the list of the greatest female basketball players of all time.

2. Zheng Haixia

Height – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)

Next on our list of the world’s greatest basketball players is Zheng Haixia. She is a Chinese professional basketball player for the WNBA and the China Women’s National Basketball Team. Although now retired, Haixia has many victories to her credit, including leading the Chinese team to fifth position in the 10th World Championship in 1986. She also led her national team to 1st position at the Asian Games and 2nd in the World Championship. in the same year.

In 1992, the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame also inspired her teammates to win the silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics. She won the 8th National Games with the PLA team in 1997. Haixia has definitely retired as a legendary player.

1. Malgorzata Dydek

Malgorzata Dydek - World's Greatest WNBA Player

Height – 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m)

Małgorzata Dydek is the greatest WNBA player of all time. Interestingly, she is the only female basketball player to have reached 7 feet. Although she died aged 37 in 2011, Dydek was known as the world’s tallest professional player in women’s basketball.

She played the center position for various WNBA teams and she was the famous coach of the Northside Wizards in the Queensland Basketball League.

Dydek was inducted into the FIBA ​​Hall of Fame eight years after her death (2019).

Top 10 greatest female basketball players of all time

Here is a list of the top 10 WNBA players of all time, as mentioned in this article.

  1. Malgorzata Dydek – 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m)
  2. Zheng Haixia – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  3. Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  4. Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Cambage – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  5. Brittney Griner – 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)
  6. Lindsay Corine Taylor – 6 ft 8 in (2.03m)
  7. Katharen Ruth “Katie” Mattera – 6ft 7.5in (2.02m)
  8. Kara Wolters Drinan – 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)
  9. Sylvia Shaqueria Fowles – 6 ft 6 (1.98 m)
  10. Carolyn Moos – 1.96 m (6 ft 5 in)

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